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  • Whence the boundless to behold.
  • But the whole boundless continent is yours.
  • She held him in boundless wonder.
  • We know that intelligence is almost a boundless power.
  • To me, in this boundless country, it has come boundlessly.
  • In His large love and boundless thought.
  • Before the experts there opens a boundless field of activity.
  • His boundless pow'r and mercy gave.
  • He was lauded as king of the red men and lord of the boundless forest.
  • All around were the wide, boundless horizons, the swift, scented winds.
  • A kind of harbor it seems to be, Facing the flow of a boundless sea.

How To Use Boundless In A Sentence?

  • Then to his boundless joy he felt that, at the same instant she kissed him in return.
  • His was the eternity of hope, boundless and splendid in its extravagant promises.
  • While with slow oars we toil the shore to gain, Through boisterous fury of the boundless main.
  • Imperishable glory I have chosen for thee, yet boundless shame thou hast chosen for thyself.
  • Dame Apafi, with a sob and a cry of boundless joy, rushed to the door which already stood ajar.
  • If thy heart as mine own heart is, Sunk in a boundless sea of bliss; O love, rejoice with me!
  • Be kind, O sea, whose limits boundless are, And rest, oh rest, upon thy sandy bar.
  • Then their regiment sat still to recruit, and the boundless monotony of cantonment life was their portion.
  • He'll dream of rides over the boundless plains, of cow-punchers with guns and things.
  • Away to the south lay the boundless floor of the desert, a purple and gold infinity that rolled into the horizon.
  • The whole atmosphere by degrees kindled up, and showed dimly and faintly the boundless prospect around.
  • Faust is a great feudal lord, with a boundless domain and a fleet of ships that bring him the riches of far-away lands.
  • They bring with them no contentment, no repose, while they heap upon us boundless necessities and limitless wants.
  • It opened life out upon a boundless horizon, and flooded the future with a love great enough to cast out all devils of the past.
  • There is no freezing limitation here, but a largeness and munificence of mercy boundless as space, free and open as the expanse of the firmament.
  • Inwardly a panic had swept over me ... not the panic of deep solitude when a man is alone at night in a boundless forest ...
  • They might have been looking over the edge of the world into a delicately tinted space, so boundless it seemed, so unfathomable, so remote.
  • The same primitive inclination towards the poetic would seem to underlie the boundless Lancashire love of flowers and gardens.
  • Their flowering, their fruitage, and their decay offered a boundless field for thought, and kept up a never-flagging interest.
  • Through a channel bordered with weird mangroves, the boat enters a long, slow river, flowing between boundless palm-forests.
  • So, like a questing knight, nursing his hurts after his first combat, he sat out on the boundless prairie and communed with his own sad heart.
  • Then would begin the grandest ride on the whole American continent, over boundless plains, and finally up into the majestic mountains.
  • The medical profession is fortunate among the learned professions in that a fresh and boundless field of unimaginable fertility spreads out before it.
  • As for me, I was conscious only of that boundless calm which surrounded me, and I felt that it was pleasant to be in it.
  • A Man once appeared on earth, of perfect originality; and in him, to an unbounded intellect was added boundless moral power.
  • He was filled with boundless enthusiasm; though this condition was chronic since he had become engaged to Miss Eyester.
  • The same may be said of Russia, with her annexed colonies, and boundless provinces in the north of Asia.
  • And I did not know whom it was that I loved with such a boundless love, which made me feel like crying and laughing and singing.
  • In ev'ry grove; I saw thee eye the general mirth With boundless love.

Definition of Boundless

Without bounds, unbounded.
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