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  • Poor pensioner on the bounties of an hour?
  • They have received in bounties about $2,000.
  • The bounties of Pactolus?
  • May we learn that Thy bounties are for all human beings.
  • Business was very dull and bounties tempting; so numbers enlisted.
  • But still man was dependent upon the chance bounties of nature.
  • I am no king, kings give royal bounties to each giver of a gift.
  • And every reality of the realities is one of the bounties of God.
  • The greatest bounties of God in this phenomenal world are His Manifestations.
  • The Graces and the rosy-bosomed Hours Thither all their bounties bring.

How To Use Bounties In A Sentence?

  • His bounties are heartily acknowledged by the object on whom they have been bestowed.
  • But instead of receiving the hoped-for bounties these faithful democrats were snubbed on all sides.
  • Therefore he must ever strive that the divine bounties and virtues bestowed upon him may prevail and control him.
  • From that time until now, the commodity has been a political shuttlecock, the object of government bounties and the subject of taxation.
  • As the body of the universe is continuous, indestructible, the bounties and bestowals of the divine spirit are everlasting.
  • Shall the liberal bounties of Providence to the race of man be monopolized by one of ten thousand for whom they were created?
  • For His bounties like the light and heat of the sun in the material heavens descend alike upon all mankind.
  • A few wolf bounties and pelts, together with the furs found in the cabin, would cover this and perhaps leave a little profit.
  • There shall they dwell so long as the heavens and the earth endure, enjoying the imperishable bounties of God.
  • Enough for thee with the bounties of the forest, jungle, and plain, are the goats, sheep, and fowls.
  • Even in extreme old age one may get on very well, provided we will but accept of the bounties of God.
  • Yet I think we are very well where we are: the situation is inviting; and nature lavish of her beauties, and of her bounties too.
  • When we look at the reality of this subject, we see that the bounties of God are infinite, without beginning and without end.
  • The fields and meadows yield their produce, and unmolested by the red man whom he had usurped, he enjoys the bounties of a beneficent Creator.
  • He was a man confident, steadfast and firm; certain of the manifold bounties of God; of an excellent disposition and character.
  • Nearly a half million dollars have been subscribed for bounties and war measures; the tax-payers, almost to a man, are Democrats.
  • They represented sales of steers, cayuses, skins of marten, beaver, bear and lynx, bounties on coyotes and mountain lion.
  • Lady Sarah, on the step, seemed dispensing bounties from her bag to half-a-dozen little clamorous, half-fledged creatures.
  • Its varied bounties to the fair, The loveliest of whom but share A portion of the gifts thou well canst spare.
  • Sterling for Bounties on Pitch and Tar, on Lumber, Indigo, &c. &c. within a few Years.
  • But it is in vain that nature has been thus lavish of her bounties to them; in vain do their seas and harbours invite them to embark in these inexhaustible channels of wealth and enterprize.
  • Though sad her heart, of one fair pledge bereft, She sees and owns the bounties Heaven hath left.
  • I promised to issue a royal decree embodying all of the aforesaid liberties and bounties in favor of Hushnoly and his fair consort and their followers.
  • It is evident therefore that man is in need of divine education and inspiration; that the spirit and bounties of God are essential to his development.
  • He was an excellent husbandman, but had resolved not to exceed such a degree of wealth; all above it he bestowed in secret bounties many years after the sum he aimed at for his own use was attained.
  • Its lights are the lights of reality which have shone upon humanity, illumining the realm of thought and morals, conferring the bounties of the divine world upon man.
  • When we observe that in the kingdom of minerals the divine bounties are continuous, how much more shall we expect and realize in the divine spiritual Kingdom!
  • While this is true and apparent, it is likewise evident that the Lord of mankind has bestowed infinite bounties upon the world in this century of maturity and consummation.
  • Ireland was not allowed to participate in the bounties granted for the exportation of these descriptions of linen from Great Britain to foreign countries.

Definition of Bounties

plural of bounty
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