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  • Tens of thousands of acres are covered with it, forming bountiful orchards for the red man.
  • I dried her face, whisking away a few bountiful drops that were clinging to her garments.
  • To the other bountiful companion food of corn, pumpkins, the colonists never turned very readily.
  • A bountiful collation was then served in another apartment, at which the Maharajah presided.
  • The Lord did not forget it, but this evening has returned the amount with bountiful interest.
  • With a smile on her face, and a sprig in her cap, She calls you to feast from her bountiful lap.
  • Vane made a fire of resinous wood, and Carroll and Kitty prepared a bountiful supper.
  • In those places where nature has been most bountiful in her gifts, there you find the blackest and foulest lives.
  • The frequent appointments in gratitude for bountiful harvests finally made the autumn the customary time.
  • Work proceeded until the winter's dusk fell, when a bountiful supper was served.
  • The officers gathered for the last time in two months around their mess-chests and thankfully partook of a bountiful breakfast.
  • The light-keeper hurried the rescued party to the house, where his wife had hot coffee and a bountiful meal ready for them.
  • Heaps upon heaps the rich fruit lies at the foot of the glorious tree; nature is too bountiful for man to heed her gifts.
  • She was followed by Doris with a tray on which were heaped masses of black and white cherries in bountiful profusion.
  • Towards evening the pots were set boiling, and a bountiful supper, to which all were invited, was spread in the central hall.
  • Moral activity is its own bountiful reward; for moral progress, which means struggle, is the best thing in the world or out of it.
  • It is said that all the little streams of this region swarm with salmon, giving the Indians a most bountiful supply.
  • Big buffaloes draw heavy carts laden with the teeming produce of the black, slimy, bountiful soil from the fields into the villages.
  • He found his mother in the kitchen, busy getting the bountiful supper which was a daily ordinance in the Weitbreck religion.
  • With a smile on her face, and a sprig in her cap, She calls you to feast from her bountiful lap.
  • It is good for the mind, unless they are too small (as many of mine are), when it begets a want of gratitude to the bountiful earth.
  • He anticipated the future needs of the school by planting fruit trees, that, during these later years, have borne bountiful crops of fruit.
  • Then came supper, a long and bountiful feast, at which great quantities of mutton, chile, and beans were served.
  • God is bountiful in the Desert, but man wilfully neglects these aqueous riches springing up eternally to repair the ravages of the burning simoum!
  • Chicken was added to my already bountiful rations, nicely cooked by being swathed in a broad, succulent leaf, and roasted or steeped in hot ashes.
  • They were well supplied with a bountiful luncheon by Aunt Linda, who had so thoroughly enjoyed their sojourn with her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bountiful | Bountiful Sentence

  • Nature has not been very bountiful to it.
  • O thou most bountiful of the most bountiful!
  • So he His bountiful face.
  • Hail, oh bountiful God!
  • Little Lady Bountiful (F) ...
  • Perhaps there was a season of bountiful entertaining in prospect.
  • He was fully dressed and presided with dignity at a bountiful breakfast.
  • Lady Bountiful Junior XVII.
  • All appeared in full-dress uniform, and a bountiful collation was served.
  • She was ever alert and kindly, ever bountiful though without extravagance.
  • The Earls continued successively to be bountiful benefactors of the convent.
  • Where bountiful France threw wide the gates that were shut at home.
  • ALL Blossom, blossom, bountiful tree, Shooting upward strong and free!
  • The Bountiful Lady.+ By THOMAS COBB.

Definition of Bountiful

Having a quantity or amount that is generous or plentiful; ample.
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