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  • Here and there a bouquet dangled rakishly from a helmet.
  • Maria had given her a bouquet of red roses.
  • I send you a little bouquet from the front yard.
  • He arranged the hastily constructed bouquet to suit him.
  • The bouquet was indeed as large as a soup plate.
  • He held up a bouquet of heliotrope, daintily arranged.
  • What bouquet thus breathes from Falernian jars?
  • Nelly squeezed the bouquet in, and ran back to Rob.
  • I had to hand a huge bouquet to M. Thiers.
  • She detached the bouquet from her belt and tendered it to him.
  • Mais le bouquet et le ruban seront pour ma derniere maitresse.
  • It was indeed a trying time, a time for such a man as Bouquet to show himself.
  • Bijou avait, en se levant, fait tomber le petit bouquet de son corsage.
  • Though Dressed Up,' this here bouquet is the proper thing.
  • He looked at Jan, who dropped her bouquet and gasped: "Oh!

How To Use Bouquet In A Sentence?

  • In a second she had the bouquet out of the pitcher and was back again beside him, breathless.
  • He was still trembling in every limb, but already smiled again and held out the bouquet to me.
  • There he sat, dreamily gazing at his bouquet till he ended by going fast asleep.
  • I stared at my bouquet of orchids, and lifted them to shield my face where I felt the blood.
  • As for the Professor, he glanced at the bouquet almost before he looked at Molly.
  • They sat down on a fallen log and she began to arrange into a bouquet the anemones and violets she had gathered.
  • I came back to my farm yesterday to find a bouquet of paper flowers at the head of my bed with a note pinned on it.
  • Nothing but implicit confidence in Bouquet could have inspired this little army with the steadiness it displayed.
  • The confidence of the foe had grown so overbearing that Bouquet determined to stake everything upon the very recklessness of his enemies.
  • Much as he had wrangled with Bouquet as to the propriety of making a new road he was as good as his word and worked heroically for its success.
  • For clear soup: Add one teaspoon of kitchen bouquet and any desired vegetables to each quart of stock.
  • It occurred to me to promptly search the bouquet for a concealed note or file, so I entered the cell as she went out.
  • He filled a glass with Burgundy, and set himself attentively to drink it, lingering on the bouquet and the flavour.
  • It was one of the daily anonymous sonnets, of which Daniel had told me, and the bud a relic of the bouquet accompanying it.
  • Evelyn still held fast to her bouquet of red roses, and Maria was laden with baskets and bouquets which had been strewn at her shrine.
  • He was dressed in a suit of my clothing, and on his breast lay a great bouquet of flowers, mainly white roses, with a red rose in the centre.
  • Inside sat John, clad in blue velvet, with a bouquet of immortelles in his hand and a scarf bound round his arm.
  • Forbes had been in Philadelphia while Bouquet was struggling away at Raystown with his thousand perplexities.
  • Long since, while yet the honeymoon bouquet remained in the wine of life, Iden had set a hedge of lavender to please his wife.
  • On September 2 he wrote Bouquet hinting of all these circumstances and urging delay in everything but mere road-building.
  • Constance had perceived that questions were discouraged, and did her best to keep from being troublesome by trying to busy herself with a bouquet of mountain flowers.
  • This became alarmingly plain in a very short time after the day, August 1, on which Bouquet began to cut it.
  • I grasped the bouquet firmly round the stiff base of the pyramid, and pulled it out before the hidden man who had received it knew that it had not been withdrawn by his confederate.
  • It was always stiflingly hot among the cattle pens, and the pigs in their domestic life had no bouquet more penetrating than that which they brought with them to these public functions.
  • And a strong distaste for their inevitable questions, for the explanations which she could not explain definitely even to herself, prompted her not to carry the bouquet to the house.

Definition of Bouquet

A bunch of cut flowers. | The scent of a particular wine. | A compliment or expression of praise.
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