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  • People and nations should serve him, and his brothers should bow down to him.
  • We say of a man, he is a genius, and we bow down to him accordingly.
  • I like a wild ox will bow down to the mighty one.(339) 19.

How To Use Bow Down To In A Sentence?

  • He raised himself again for the battle rather than bow down to those whom he regarded as infinitely beneath him.
  • How thy devotees bow down to thy shrine and offer all that they possess to purchase but a smile from thee!
  • It is impossible for any human being to know that it is wrong to worship idols and bow down to them unless it read so in the scriptures.
  • What the heathen bow down to are naught but helpless, senseless idols, the work of their own hands.
  • Like all really primitive people, women will go on refusing to believe in or bow down to the laws of Nature.
  • Liberty, we Chinese do love and adore thee; but let not those who deny thee to us, make of thee a graven image and invite us to bow down to it.
  • His brow with scorn be rung; He never should bow down to a domineering frown, Or the tang of a tyrant tongue.
  • But in the twelfth century arose the epoch in which men were to be thrown into a burning fiery furnace who would not bow down to the tyranny of him who sat enthroned in the city of the seven hills.
  • Now, do not take my word for it; look this doctrine up in your Bible, and if you find it there, bow down to it and receive it as the word of God.
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