Bowed In A Sentence

How To Use Bowed In A Sentence?

  • He bowed to the reminder.
  • Glaucon bowed his head.
  • Dunstanbury bowed assent.
  • Then bowed in assent.
  • He bowed as we approached.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bowed | Bowed Sentence

  • Joles bowed himself out.
  • He bowed himself out.
  • Frederick bowed again.
  • Mardonius bowed himself.
  • Feversham bowed sardonically.
  • He bowed as if to a duchess.
  • He bowed and withdrew.
  • Ramos bowed deferentially.
  • Payne bowed automatically.
  • Eleanor bowed her head.
  • Hamlen bowed his head.
  • Lynda bowed her head.
  • Lackeys bowed humbly before them.
  • He bowed and smiled down at her.
  • The other bowed and smiled.
  • Newton bowed respectfully.
  • He has bowed himself into oblivion.
  • Sulkowski bowed carelessly.
  • Guarini bowed and they went.
  • Antony bowed to him gravely.
  • Ramon bowed his head.
  • Winford bowed slightly.
  • He bowed as he passed.
  • Lessingham bowed acquiescence.
  • Lessingham bowed courteously.
  • Norman bowed his assent.
  • Olivia bowed her head.
  • He bowed and departed.
  • Kibei bowed respectfully.
  • Dick turned and bowed once more.
  • Jimmy bowed his head.
  • And he bowed himself to the ground.
  • Marescotti bowed an acquiescence.
  • But he bowed respectfully.
  • William bowed his head.

Definition of Bowed

Having a bow (rod for playing stringed instruments), e.g. a bowed instrument is played with a bow | simple past tense and past participle of bow
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Bowed in a sentence

Bowed sentence

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Bowed used in a sentence

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