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  • On the other hand, bowel complaints are frequently produced by a chill on the surface.
  • They are a very useful remedy in cholera infantum, or the summer bowel complaint in children.
  • A bowel complaint, for example, may arise either from overeating or from a check to perspiration.
  • This has a most salutary tonic effect besides the influence that it exerts upon the bowel movements.
  • It is generally known that continued exposure in a cold day produces either a bowel complaint or inflammation of some internal organ.
  • The other reason is that its contents may contain the germs of serious diseases, particularly typhoid fever and other bowel troubles.
  • Certain articles of food render the milk acid, and thus induce colicky pains and bowel complaints in the child.
  • This tends to prevent the feces, or bowel movement, from passing out naturally and helps to produce constipation.
  • They found an adhesion from the appendix to the intestine on the other side and I was suffering a bowel stoppage.
  • When the lower bowel is distended, pressure is made upon the surrounding blood-vessels, and thus the circulation seriously interfered with.
  • Where there is a tendency to bowel disorder, a little gum arabic, rice, or barley may be boiled with the drinking water.
  • To relieve pain, to hold the bowel still, and to abolish the morbid hunger, a few doses with the hypodermic needle were a seeming necessity.
  • But it is doubly worth the extra price, because, besides escaping stomach and bowel troubles, you get more cream and higher food value.
  • Thus, in one instance, checked perspiration may produce a bowel complaint, and in another, inflammation of the lungs, and so on.
  • Think whether bleeding ulcers on the body would get well with their tender surfaces subjected to the same grinding, scratching process from bowel rubbish!
  • It has been found from investigation of this subject that the cellulose or undigested material of the cereals, vegetables and fruits, is an absolute essential to good bowel action.

Definition of Bowel

(now rare) To disembowel. | (chiefly medicine) A part or division of the intestines, usually the large intestine. | (in the plural) The entrails or intestines; the internal organs of the stomach.
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