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How To Use Box In In A Sentence?

  • Post them for me in the box in the bureau, and tell them to send my bill at once.
  • This morning there was found nine shillings and sixpence in the box in my house.
  • On a little ledge stood a tin box in which they had kept the matches and candles.
  • She took off her new prettinesses and packed them away in a box in the lower drawer.
  • I notice that the trough is quite full of water and that there is a box in one end of it.
  • From her box in front of the stove a lady porcupine looked up lazily and grunted.
  • She had been standing back on a box in the kitchen doorway and must have seen most of the fight.
  • It did begin to seem probable, and we took up our box in some depression of spirits.
  • Very carefully so as not to break them, lay sardines from one box in the sauce.
  • They saw the box in the hole that was in the wall, and the light coming out of the box.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Box In | Box In Sentence

  • They were in the box in the pretty theatre.
  • He was holding the box in his hand.
  • Now the sea put the box in on the island.
  • The box in which dead bodies are put.
  • Ours was a proscenium box in the second tier.
  • It was my fault for finding the box in the first place.
  • You will find the saddles in the large box in the wagon.
  • I took out of the box in my room one shilling.
  • Barker replaced the box in the case and turned away.
  • O-liver sat on a box in front of the post-office.
  • Tom is blind; he holds a box in his hand.
  • I found the box in your trunk, just where you had left it.
  • I can smell a hot box in a minute, or oil burning.
  • So we walked on, our box in our arms, our heart empty.
  • A royal box in a church for the worship of God!
  • Then she opened the box in which her china and silver were packed.
  • He confessed to helping himself to one out of that box in the study cupboard.
  • How nice to behold again the wooden box in which she kept her clothes!
  • My eyes turned toward the box in which she sat that evening.
  • I placed the box in the middle of the wagon, and she seated herself.
  • The boatswain handed him the small metal box in which he kept that luxury.
  • They were in a pretty little wooden box in the sitting-room closet.
  • Marietta was ready at the door, a long white box in her hand.
  • Let them cross the box in a diagonal line, and in a vertical position.
  • My wafers are done; cannot you manage to send me a box in some way or other?
  • He stared at the box in amazement for a minute, and gave a low whistle.
  • Only the glass box in our arms is like a living heart that gives us strength.
  • A weary little messenger boy with a long box in his arms called her name.
  • In a few minutes he was back, rod case and tackle box in hand.
  • The cab still waited, the cabman dozed on his box in the spring sunlight.

Definition of Box In

To enclose by drawing a box around | To immobilize something, usually a vehicle, by placing obstacles, usually other vehicles, obstructing the free movement | To limit someone's freedom of thought, movement, expression, etc.
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