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  • There was no resisting the boyish eagerness.
  • His handsome boyish face was flushing.
  • His boyish face was wreathed in smiles.
  • But there was still the boyish innocence that she liked.
  • And he held out his hand with a boyish kindness.
  • He exercised persistently and kept his boyish figure.
  • It was his boyish ambition to become a great poet.
  • He smiled in his gentle, boyish fashion.
  • She loved his little boyish bursts of hero-worship.
  • We hired seats, and set off full of boyish expectation.
  • The harried, boyish face broke brightly into a smile.
  • The boyish satire on Newton is amusing.
  • With an almost boyish frankness she combined feminine witchery.
  • It is strange to hear philosophy of any sort from such a boyish figure.
  • Bill stared incredulously at the other's boyish face.
  • He had married her from a sense of honour, when his boyish fancy was past.
  • It came out haltingly, the boyish expression of sympathy and understanding.
  • He was good looking, and almost boyish in the lack of hair upon his face.
  • Yes, when you are what I see before me now, boyish and natural.
  • And sighs, "The dear dead boyish pastime!

How To Use Boyish In A Sentence?

  • They were slightly puffed, but otherwise his boyish features bore no sign of his libations.
  • He rose with some show of animation at sight of the tall, boyish figure in the doorway.
  • Rupert bowed his head again over her hand, his boyish mouth drawn in a straight line.
  • The boyish good humor had gone from his face; it looked sharp-set and pugnacious.
  • It had been curious that this handsome, boyish fellow should come as an emissary from Bill Gregg.
  • Sir Philip Wentworth was not troubled with the boyish fastidiousness of Lord Naseby.
  • Coming toward them through the sand was a boyish figure that moved with a beautiful stride, tireless and swift.
  • To describe a boyish combat with snowballs, and the victorious leader to have a statue of snow erected to him.
  • They had inflamed his boyish conceit by allowing him to pick out two cards in succession, and with small bets.
  • There was sympathy and tenderness in his boyish face, but seeing her condition, he spoke cheerfully.
  • There was an almost boyish light of excited anticipation and hope in the usually cold eyes that looked out down the valley as he rode away.
  • I had vague ideas of going to a policeman or of complaining at a police station, but some boyish instinct against informing prevented that.
  • They seemed pagan in a newer and more placid sense; and he felt a newer and more boyish curiosity and courage for the consulting of the oracle.
  • Yellow, downy beards appeared on faces which had been of boyish smoothness when the river was crossed, but this was only one of the minor changes.
  • His hair, curling slightly over temples boyish in outlines, although marked, was not in the least gray.
  • Her boyish dark head was bent over a fan of scarlet feathers, a toy which appeared ridiculously large beside her small figure.
  • Those were the days of unaided vision, of acute hearing, of alert movements, of feelings almost boyish in their vivacity.
  • Yet it is a sad commentary upon his native shrewdness that Peter had not yet recovered from his boyish enthusiasm for collecting souvenirs.
  • He was spontaneous, genial, boyish almost, and she never had felt so kindly disposed toward him nor so tolerant of his failings.
  • Certainly I liked the frank, almost boyish manner in which the two friends included me in their friendship by seeming to ignore me altogether.

Definition of Boyish

Like a stereotypical boy in appearance or demeanor.
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