Braced In A Sentence

How To Use Braced In A Sentence?

  • But presently with some of her old courage she braced herself to the new situation.
  • He knew she was expectant and resigned and that she had braced her courage for the worst.
  • She braced herself into the corner of the carriage and fairly hurled her defiance at him.
  • Every muscle was taut and braced as if to resist some sudden attack from outside.
  • She put her back to the door and braced her hands against the white enameled panels.
  • The shoulders had a squarer set, as though they had been braced against adversity.
  • His firm muscles stiffened, he braced himself steadily and his strong back straightened.
  • She had been leaning back, but straightened, braced herself, and her breathing was deep and rapid.
  • Sandy, his grim visage, dripping with water, now visible braced against the tiller.
  • But planks and braced muscle will bounce, and Signer Amleto bounced quite high again.
  • He had braced himself up for the ordeal, and he refused to acknowledge to himself that he might not come out of it well.
  • Jean braced herself against slipping into easy conversation with this man who seemed so friendly and unsuspicious and so conscience-free.
  • With his back against one wall and his feet against the other, he braced his body for the shock of the wind.
  • Then he braced himself and leaped far out into the water that caught him like many strong arms and dragged him under the waves.
  • Watertown braced up and finished the subscription for the purchase of the right-of-way and depot site for the new road through its heart.
  • He put himself on guard, braced himself against the side of the little gulch, and waited for the attack.
  • She was braced against a tree, and her senses were measuring the distance between her horse and herself, and deciding whether escape were possible.
  • Gaining the cross entrance, he braced his strength against the forces of wind which imprisoned the door, and crept down the passage.
  • He turned kind of white around the gills when he first felt the halter around his neck, and then braced up and not a whimper.
  • The wings of the monoplane were braced by wires to the body, but often they did not prove strong enough and the airplane collapsed in mid-air.
  • If he passed one of the servants, he growled and braced himself stiffly, while his hair rose in a ridge along his back.
  • I came at length to the toll-gate, and returned, braced for any adventure, to the door of my own home.
  • After reaching the platform, he stood on the grilled support, his fat panting bulk braced against the upper chord of the stabilizer fin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Braced | Braced Sentence

  • I braced myself to meet it.
  • Then he braced himself for his effort.
  • And braced right up to him.
  • She stopped and braced herself.
  • I braced my soul for battle.
  • I braced myself up against the moment when it would move.
  • Then suddenly she braced herself with an intense effort.
  • I took a big swallow and it braced me up instantly.
  • He was very proud, and braced himself firmly against it.
  • Gordon braced off, his hands on the table before him.
  • Gemba Dono braced himself for the more serious task.
  • She braced her will against all the relentings of her heart.
  • He had braced himself up for a long fight, and it had ended in half a minute.
  • Peter braced himself, and thrust straight upward, striking with fury.
  • Look at them courses hangin' in the buntlines an' the yards braced a-box!
  • The Serbian cavalry, at a command, halted and braced to receive the shock.
  • Young Dr. Marshall, in the front seat with Collie, braced his feet and smiled.

Definition of Braced

Having braces or similar supports. | (heraldry, of multiple figures of the same form) Interlaced. | simple past tense and past participle of brace
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