Bracelet In A Sentence

Definition of Bracelet

A band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry/jewellery or an ornament. | The strap of a wristwatch, used to secure it around the wrist. | (colloquial, chiefly in the plural) A handcuff.

How To Use Bracelet In A Sentence?

  • While she was gone they examined the bracelet more closely than they had yet done.
  • Whoever should first drop his axe in the combat was to bestow a bracelet on his opponent.
  • At that instant the moon shone through the mist and the gold bracelet glittered in the moonlight.
  • She held out her jeweled bracelet childishly in the dark, as if for somebody to see.
  • The damsel got out, and her last bracelet dropped from her hand into the hand of the boatman.
  • But the bracelet is something that may mean a great deal to you yet, and you ought to have it.
  • She was dressed in yellow linen, and wore a gold bracelet on a well-turned arm.
  • And going near the light, she took off a bracelet of hair, with a magnificent clasp of pearls.
  • Another famous singer wears a small bracelet that was given to her when an infant by Gounod.
  • The magic bracelet stretched beneath the waves Beats the black giant with his score of slaves.
  • The armlet he sent as a present to the Queen, and the bracelet to the Princess.
  • But for a vein of wisdom that underlay his pride he would have pocketed the bracelet there and then and have refused to wear it again.
  • If he does not, pass it off with some jest, and at the right moment return the bracelet to its original place.
  • That pin is only one dollar and ninety-eight cents and the bracelet two dollars and forty-eight cents.
  • At the first cell he raised his left hand and made the gold bracelet on his wrist clink against the steel bars.
  • For some unknown cause the incident of the Oriental lad he rescued and the mysterious gift of the bracelet flashed back to him.
  • Though they struggled to free themselves, Anton's grasp was like a steel bracelet upon their arms.
  • A Baltimore lady lost a valuable diamond bracelet at a ball, and supposed that it was stolen from the pocket of her cloak.
  • In the room a yellow dress turned grey, and the gold of a bracelet grew darker, and the pink of delicate finger-nails was no longer visible.
  • She had no money, but she had worn a heavy gold bracelet when her husband and Sally dressed her and they had pinned her collar with a pearl brooch.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bracelet | Bracelet Sentence

  • The bracelet has disappeared!
  • She held out her bracelet and brooch.
  • The diamond bracelet was barely noticed.
  • Will a sapphire bracelet answer me that, do you think?
  • Ancient Irish bracelet for the wrist.
  • The bracelet the goldsmith has made for me is very beautiful.
  • But he presented the bride with an elegant bracelet and bore no malice.
  • He made the gold bracelet ring on the rock by way of explanation.
  • A moment later be cursed himself, and felt the bracelet with his fingernail.
  • King showed Courtenay a great gold bracelet that he had under his sleeve.
  • The Rangar drew a bracelet from an inner pocket and held it out.
  • You yourself were near death when I took the bracelet last night.
  • Upon Marishka's wrist was a bracelet set with diamonds.
  • Within the window, asked him to admire A bracelet or a buckle.
  • In a sudden accession of shyness, Joan hid her bracelet in her pocket.
  • It turned out, by the way, to have been his bracelet I rescued.
  • The gold bracelet Rewa Gunga had given him gleamed in the pale moonlight.
  • That bracelet you now wear, sahib, is from Khinjan Caves too!
  • Recall the bracelet of turquoise,--my first gratitude.
  • She took off a gold bracelet and bet me I wouldn't get it if she threw it in.
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