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How To Use Brads In A Sentence?

  • The brass brads are placed about one inch apart the entire length of the boards.
  • You can put a beading around the board, with small brads and stain it cherry or some other color.
  • The long spreaders may be nailed to the corner sticks by driving brads right through the cloth into the cleats and the sticks.
  • In building up the hull with the planks, they should first be smeared with glue, and when put in place a few brass brads should be driven in.
  • Small brass brads are driven into the top of the pilot-house, and white adhesive tape is placed on the brads, as pictured.
  • The short spreaders are fastened to the corner sticks, 7 inches from the ends, with brads driven through the cleats, making the frame (as in Fig.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brads | Brads Sentence

  • Small brads should be used in nailing.
  • Care should be taken that all brads protrude the same distance.

Definition of Brads

plural of brad
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Brads in a sentence

Brads sentence

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