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  • Mr. Bragg was not looking at her.
  • Mr. Bragg reflected an instant.
  • Mr. Bragg wishes to speak with you.
  • Mr. Bragg hesitated a moment.
  • Mr. Bragg pulled out his watch impatiently.
  • Mr. Bragg made a mental calculation of dates.
  • Mr. Bragg could have placed you in a brilliant position.
  • Mr. Bragg took his place opposite to May.
  • I dare say Mr. Bragg will not ask to see me at all.
  • At this point Mr. Bragg got up to take his leave.
  • Then Mr. Bragg leaned back, and began to think.
  • Besides, Mr. Bragg is a very good, kind man.
  • Mr. Bragg appeared that day at his place of business looking as usual.
  • Mr. Bragg inquired impatiently for the "good lady" of the waiting-room.
  • It occurred to him that he might do well to speak to Mr. Bragg on the subject.
  • Which, probably, was precisely what Mr. Bragg desired her to suppose.
  • At ten o'clock he must be with Mr. Bragg in the City.
  • Owen was right, no doubt, in saying that Mr. Bragg ought to know the truth.
  • It was even possible that Mr. Bragg might find some place for young Martin.
  • Mr. Bragg had made him an offer to send him, in the spring, to Buenos Ayres.
  • Meantime Mr. Bragg was having an interview with Mrs. Dormer-Smith.
  • We know that Bragg is before us, and a great battle can't be delayed long.

How To Use Bragg In A Sentence?

  • Mr. Bragg certainly could not, by any stretch of friendship, be considered romantic.
  • He checked himself in walking furiously about the room, and turned to Mr. Bragg with an apology.
  • Their feeling that it was marching to another triumph was confirmed by the news that Bragg was retreating.
  • Mr. Bragg is a person of a great deal of importance in the world, and not accustomed to be treated as if he were of no consequence.
  • A strong body of our cavalry disclosed their forward movement, and there are the skirmishers signaling that Bragg is near.
  • Mr. Bragg was willing to break the lease which he held, and to remove his office to another house hard by.
  • The least intelligent knew now that Bragg had stopped, but they did not know that Longstreet was to be with him.
  • The idea of Mr. Bragg in the light of a rival disconcerted and confused all his previous conceptions of his employer.
  • But Mr. Bragg would have been puzzled to describe the sort of man he would have expected her to care about.
  • Mr. Bragg sat like a rock while she told her story, hesitatingly and shyly at first, but gathering courage as she went on.
  • At all events he brought forward the salary he is earning with Mr. Bragg as an important element in the financial budget with which he favoured me.
  • She had in her pocket the note he had written on the previous evening, begging her to inform Mr. Bragg of their engagement.
  • Under the circumstances he thought Mr. Bragg ought to know it, and the announcement would come best from her.
  • In his anxious solicitude for her Mr. Bragg would have ordered everything eatable to be brought which the refreshment-room afforded.
  • Mr. Bragg had no great coat, that garment having been rolled up to serve as May's pillow.
  • But suddenly interrupting herself, she jumped up from her seat, and made Mr. Bragg a sweeping curtsey.
  • Owen offered to accompany Mr. Bragg in order to show him the way to the nearest cabstand, and they left the house together.
  • At length she looked up and saw Mr. Bragg still sitting as before, with loosely clasped hands and downcast eyes.
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