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  • This is the other branch of natural necessity.
  • As surely as rises the sun the branch found its mark.
  • The other branch of their race had been Tartar nomads.
  • A second branch of the Sheaehs was named Zeidites.
  • Domesticity is the taproot which enables the nation to branch wide and high.
  • We like the nervous and victorious habit of our own branch of the family.
  • He found a branch large enough to stiffen the brush near the break.
  • He tried to get up, but found that a branch of the tree held him down.
  • Dear me, Countess, are you at home in every branch of learning?
  • P.438 Branch of The Imperial Tobacco Co. (of Gt.
  • It was at that time that the branch was built from DeKalb to Ogdensburgh.

How To Use Branch In A Sentence?

  • The elucidation of this branch of their constitution is now to engage our attention.
  • Under one or other of these heads all special sciences and every branch of learning are included.
  • He missed it by a foot, but was just able to grasp a trailing branch as he was swept beneath it.
  • If it is only an abstract branch of science, of course, no such hint is in place.
  • A green branch placed in front of houses on the 1st of May and at funerals.
  • When I returned from evening service at my branch parish, the beggar had disappeared.
  • He reached the branch spoken of, and, crossing it, was soon on the highroad to Palmyra.
  • There he saw the Old Owl, sitting on a branch and staring at him with yellow eyes.
  • From Carthage a branch line was projected to French Creek, now the busy summer village of Clayton.
  • In his agitation he shook the branch of a tree with which he was supporting himself as he looked over the edge of the cliff.
  • It is a fact beyond all question that this branch of the service has produced some of the most truly unselfish and heroic figures of the whole war.
  • And it was the branch toward the ocean which it broke into four pieces, equally, and handed to him.
  • A spring forms a branch path from the line and has a tension which would cause it to bear against the ground contact if it were allowed to do so.
  • Psychology, then, as a branch of this philosophic enterprise, has to readjust the facts discovered in inner experience.
  • Through the open window came the splash of a fountain and the chattering of birds, and the branch of a feathery tree drooped near by.
  • The branch is still unbuilt, but only some heaps of grass-grown rubbish remain to mark the site of the venerable edifice.
  • Lloyd walked away from Boyce and soon was helping her climb up the rungs towards the branch where the nest was resting.
  • Directly opposite to where the right branch enters, a small cold stream comes in among a cluster of alder bushes on the eastern shore.
  • He turned off the light and crawled back to the tree trunk, and leaned up against it, throwing his legs around the branch to keep himself stable.
  • Across the road a group of three trees was delicately etched, with each separate branch and twig, on the slate-coloured evening sky.
  • It was reserved for Newton to produce a revolution in the mode of treating this branch of knowledge, as well as that of physical astronomy.
  • The roots also are affected, and instead of growing considerably in length, branch repeatedly and give rise to little tufts of rootlets.
  • Egg in the nest, nest on the branch, branch on the tree, tree on the hill, and the hill stood still.
  • Without much plan or thought Boyce scooped the tree branch with his left hand sending it in flight towards his right hand.
  • And on the tree there was a branch; Branch on the tree, tree on the hill, and the hill stood still.
  • The head office has 600,000 messages delivered from it annually, the branch and town sub-offices 220,000, and the rural districts 74,000.
  • Bird in the egg, egg in the nest, nest on the branch, branch on the tree, tree on the hill, and the hill stood still.
  • And from its middle branch it made him a war club, and from a gall, or excrescence, which grew on its limb, it made him a vah-quah, or canteen.
  • And on the branch there was a nest; Nest on the branch, branch on the tree, tree on the hill, and the hill stood still.

Definition of Branch

(intransitive) To arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree. | (intransitive) To produce branches. | (transitive, intransitive) To (cause to) divide into separate parts or subdivisions.
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