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How To Use Branches And In A Sentence?

  • It seemed to be that of a person or persons forcing their way through branches and brushwood.
  • The rest of the party had collected some branches and brushwood to conceal the entrance.
  • Break cooked cauliflower into branches and season with half of the salt and pepper.
  • Oliver quite meekly hung up his hoe in the branches and waited for her to lead the way.
  • A shaft of moonlight fell through a break in the branches and struck across her shoulder.
  • Going to the edge of the thicket, he parted the branches and peered out over the vale.
  • There he was, busily gnawing off branches and making a road through the underbrush!
  • Other branches and the tip of a very high pine adjoining made a dark background.
  • Hiram gathered some dry branches and roots and soon had a comfortable little campfire going.
  • Can always chop down branches and make a hut and a fire in the middle to keep it warm.
  • It went on increasing in the number of branches and depositors, and in the amounts deposited.
  • Elephants were near, by the breaking of branches and the constant rumbling sound of their bowels.
  • They stepped in among the tree branches and then one animal reared and tried to back.
  • We stood among the branches, and fired at the heads that appeared above the breastwork.
  • But he must needs help her again through the close-grown branches, and into the boat.
  • Round about were rough beds of heather and branches, and fire holes for cooking.
  • Others brought their rods green with branches, and those also some fruit upon them.
  • Those iron acorns and leaves are the branches, and the stuffed eagles are the birds.
  • They have numerous branches and rootlets, which fill all parts of the upper soil.
  • We constructed a rude couch of branches, and conveyed him slowly to the village.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Branches And | Branches And Sentence

  • Branches and leaves burgeoned out from it.
  • So thick the branches and the leafage green.
  • They g-got more branches and lighted the fire again.
  • We broke branches and ate the berries as we rode along.
  • The tree shakes, the branches and leaves all rustle.
  • Again, there are many branches and diverse forms or Art.
  • They tore down the flaming branches and beat them out in the snow.
  • It gripped the oak by its branches and tore it from its roots.
  • Clasping pairs were found on branches and leaves above the water.
  • The brushing of branches and pounding of hoofs preceded his appearance.
  • Flowers on the trunk, branches and in the axils of the leaves.
  • The fires were plentifully fueled with dry branches and stalks.
  • I collected some dry chips and branches and prepared to kindle a fire.
  • She stepped upon the partly buried branches and they helped her on her way.
  • They walked on beneath bare branches and quietly falling snow.
  • We saw birds in the tree branches, and flying from under our footsteps.
  • These edifices were formed of wood, covered with branches and grass.
  • Euery bended bough will put forth branches, and become trees.
  • Men shook the trees or lay along the branches, and blessed their luck.
  • He easily found dry branches, and he had brought matches and paper with him.
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