Branches In A Sentence

How To Use Branches In A Sentence?

  • Then an apple tree grew up out of the teakettle and stretched its branches to the ceiling.
  • There was snow on the ground and the bright stars seemed caught in the branches of the pines.
  • The several branches of an underground cable into aerial ones should be fused as they branch.
  • But just then a cry was heard, and there was the little child safe in the branches of a tree!
  • And it made them bow without more ado, Or it cracked their great branches through and through.
  • He describes the branches of some of the trees as bending beneath the loads of bats which clung to them.
  • The twigs and branches lisped and clattered against the carved leather tapaderos that hooded the stirrups.
  • Among his extensive prerogatives was his appointing power which embraced all branches of the civil service in the islands.
  • He stooped at what seemed the end of the passage and crawled out of sight under the low branches of a stunted cedar.
  • How far the naval and military branches will coalesce, or how far they will differentiate remains to be seen.
  • But within the last twenty years these two main branches of biological inquiry have grown more and more apart.
  • The winds had stripped the leaves from the trees, and the dripping branches stood starkly against the sky.
  • In the topmost branches of an old sycamore the thinnest fragment of a new moon hung trembling like a luminous thread.
  • He found the pair fast asleep under a tree, so he filled his pockets with stones and climbed up into the branches over their heads.
  • In the brazen candlestick, the inner part which is not guilded is discerned amongst the black and foul branches that extend from it.
  • But, not satisfied with this, we pursued those arguments into all their branches and ramifications, and exposed their futility.
  • Sometimes the surface is roughly even and resembles immense masses of curiously twisted burnt trunks, and branches of trees.
  • And he ran as fast as he could, and dragged all the dry branches and bits of stick he could find close up to the mouth of the den.
  • It has sometimes been said that Kant settled this controversy between the old departments of philosophy and the new branches of science.
  • It is the solemn call of the owl, as he sits among the limbs, looking out from between the branches with his great round grey eyes.
  • The Tree trembled so in all its branches that one of the candles set fire to a green twig, and it was scorched.
  • The current of the Sound rushed along just below it, with wildly-grown trees drooping their branches into its waves.
  • And suddenly Nora found herself back on her stony bench by the spring with the branches of the beech-tree waving silently before her.
  • Then, on the other hand, Hegel refuses to restrict philosophy and its branches to anything short of the totality.
  • Let us picture them in the little house that was built for Wendy, which the fairies had put up in the branches of a pine-tree.
  • The rosy-coloured damask curtains, which form a baldachin over it, are tied to the branches of enormous jasmine trees by heavy golden tassels.
  • Soft, pale shadows of waving branches moved back and forth, like the ghosts of dreams, over the grassy hill and the brick pavements.
  • The multiplicity of names which is applied to him shows that the common principle to which all these branches of knowledge are tending, is not understood.
  • The united contingent of seven hundred men first headed for the banks of the Tioga river, one of the branches of the Susquehanna.
  • He came at length to where a steep rock intervened between him and the gang; he saw the light of their lanthorn shining up against the branches of the trees on the other side.
  • Usually knowing from what quarter the latter will enter the covert, wooden blocks representing roosting birds are nailed to the branches of the open beeches.
  • What brought him back to clear consciousness was a movement somewhere on the other side of the pool, where the branches of a tree cast a flickering shadow on the grass.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Branches | Branches Sentence

  • The branches of the tree bent above him.
  • Hundreds of monkeys played in the branches of the trees.
  • The sun tips the dewladen branches with gold.
  • Under its branches men and animals found pleasant shade.
  • There has been a similar marked increase in all branches of business.
  • Clasping pairs were found on branches and leaves above the water.
  • It overlooks the root, and grapples with the branches of the difficulty.
  • And my branches droop, And the dull gray mosses over me grow.

Definition of Branches

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of branch | plural of branch
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