Brandish in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Brandish

1. But brandish it before rubies and emeralds and diamonds! 🔊

2. They draw their swords, brandish their shields and rush into the battle. 🔊

How to use Brandish in Sentences?

1. So they seized their axes and clubs, and began to brandish these in a highly menacing fashion. 🔊

2. He could not yell and brandish his fists at them as the trapper by the fire might have done to win a few extra minutes. 🔊

3. In times of peace they used art as a hobby and a means of self-advertisement, in wartime they would brandish it as a stick against their foes. 🔊

4. Martyrs brandish the emblems of their martyrdom before His eyes to plead for them, and, as some have said, claim vengeance for their pains. 🔊

5. Then as the warriors began to dance about the stake and brandish their weapons, the old Mystery Woman suddenly appeared before the Shawnees. 🔊