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  • Sticks and umbrellas were brandished on high.
  • Peter spluttered with fury and brandished his stick.
  • The document he had brandished was not worth the paper it was written on!
  • He was armed with a sword which flashed like lightning when he brandished it.
  • Swords were brandished and muskets pointed, and much abuse discharged.
  • Debra held my wrecking bar like a weapon, and she brandished it at me.
  • Mr. Saunders' brandished fist fell heavily on the arm of his chair.

How To Use Brandished In A Sentence?

  • As some shouted to those within to hasten the woman brandished the bloody knife.
  • They moved around a large area while they brandished their blades at one another.
  • Still they slept in the cottage; the chestnuts moaned and brandished their arms in vain.
  • Everywhere were knots of excited men, with strident voices and brandished fists.
  • Hector replied in words of defiance, and then brandished and hurled forth his spear.
  • When they caught sight of the aeronauts, they uttered savage cries, and brandished their weapons.
  • All the while she spoke she brandished the muzzle at Peter and kept backing him off into a corner.
  • The actors scattered from my brandished shovel, just as they would have done in real life ...
  • He dodged, seized a frying pan from the gas stove, and brandished it vigorously.
  • The next instant, with brandished arms and shouts of fury, the Indians rushed towards the creek.
  • Then he brandished it with such vigor and dexterity that he struck terror into all those who did not know him.
  • The brandished club was no stop; no more did the skirmishing support of the clan bring pause to the oncomer.
  • Turning from the sea of brandished hands and upturned faces, he strode to a table, and in a moment returned.
  • Randall brandished his legs about in the most ridiculous style, but proved himself a good wrestler, and finally threw his antagonist.
  • From pole to pole, and from the east to the west, he brandished his fiery scepter as though he had usurped all heaven and earth.
  • His weapons were a bow, a sword, and two spears tipped with brass, which he brandished in his hands.
  • He brandished his flambeau, and shouted for help; but he was instantly disarmed, and a sword at his throat reduced him to silence.
  • And the quivering lance which he brandished bright, Was the sting of a wasp he had slain in fight.
  • Imagine the case of a rigid straight stick, held by one end in the hand, and brandished round through a half-circle.
  • He brandished the document at me on which the present case is founded, and I suspected him of an attempt at blackmail.
  • Finally the trembling and invalid father rose on his shaky, rheumatic legs and brandished his staff; the undutiful son remained unmoved.
  • Erskine brandished a letter as he spoke, and then leant back in his chair with a guffaw that alarmed the Portuguese waiters.
  • Clan after clan marched past, with waving plaids and brandished weapons; the wild music of the pipes sounded as full of menace as of triumph.
  • One hand clutched his shirt collar, the other hand brandished the pig, and amid the vast uproar of a delighted kingdom she royally swatted him.
  • She, with these words, made a spring towards him, seized him suddenly by the breast, and brandished her poniard in the air.
  • This he brandished about as a child flourishes a whip, and presently laid it down, worried it, flung it about, and had a rare frolic with it.
  • Then a wild yell of greeting went up to the twinkling stars, and every savage brandished a tomahawk, scalping knife, or some other kind of weapon.
  • The Indians among them, wildly excited, brandished their lances and uttered fierce cries as they galloped along.
  • They waved queer knives and spears, brandished rifles, and then, bending low, charged the frightened line of rifles before them.
  • Burning with impatience, Raskolnikoff brandished the hatchet, ready to strike the corpse and sever the confounded string at the same blow.
  • His eyes blazing with fire, he lifted the steel hook, brandished it in the air, and brought it down close to the thin, drawn face.
  • You could see, by the shaking torch-light, faces in which the eyes glared wolf-like, brandished fists, glints of guns.
  • And when each brandished the sword unto the death of the other, the saint feared exceedingly, lest even in his sight the crime of fratricide should happen.

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simple past tense and past participle of brandish
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