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How To Use Brass In A Sentence?

  • A horizon of brass of the diameter of his umbrella shuts down around his senses.
  • At last a fine new suit with brass buttons was finished and laid out for the brownie.
  • The mantelpiece itself glittered with a variety of brass utensils, all brightly polished.
  • This brass plug supports also the transmitter, which is not shown in this figure.
  • Stott chortled, and he put his hand behind him to conceal the brass knuckles he was wearing.
  • Though the earth of adamant were unyielding, the heaven of brass might give way!
  • He is measuring me with a sliding scale, the brass end of which feels cold against my forehead.
  • The skies like brass abune your head; the grund like parchment under your feet.
  • She would lie no easier in her grave for oak and brass handles, for plumes and crape.
  • And to us not small doth seem: Victor-like, in harness blazing, As of steel and brass the gleam!
  • There are a good many other U.S. engines of Single cylinders (large brass jackets).
  • There'd be more peace in the house, and more brass in the pocket at the week end.
  • Jonah spent a pound on brass rods and glass stands, and sold the lot in a month at sixpence a pair profit.
  • Those who had advocated the use of kid gloves against an enemy which fought with brass knuckles and poison found their views sensibly less popular.
  • Sometimes the brass bowl would get upset or the cigarette box would fly up, dropping a shower of cigarettes on the floor.
  • The tea-table was at one end of the room, and the big brass samovar was already sending out encouraging clouds of steamy vapor.
  • There was a huge dark clothes-press of antique form, gorgeous in brass and lustrous with wax, that began to grow oppressive to me.
  • And they gripped the brass handles, holding on till the tension became too great, with the conscientious air of people taking medicine.
  • Around these two conductors is placed an armor of spring brass wire in spiral form, and over this a close, stout braid of glazed cotton.
  • He took hold of the brass handles, and watched the dial, like a clock-face, that marked the intensity of the current.
  • It just makes me sick to think of the sound when her poor head went whack Against that horrible brass thing that holds up the little shelf.
  • A broken pipe or two, a couple of irons, and a brass candlestick whose shaft leans considerably out of the perpendicular, occupy the mantelpiece.
  • The small boy who has lately taken to selling his single box of matches on our Terrace does so officially, as the brass label on his arm explains.
  • He could mark their rise or fall by the brass buttons on his waistcoat; first one button disappeared, then another, then a third, then a fourth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brass | Brass Sentence

  • They bank on brass and credulity.
  • The little square of brass between the sights wavered.
  • Flags were flying and a brass band added to the jubilation.
  • An open barouche was provided, also a brass band.
  • It was a blue jacket with brass buttons, quite new.
  • They're not short of brass in that house, or shouldn't be.
  • My heart's heavier than all the iron and brass in my shop.
  • She danced in such a way that the applause made the brass chandeliers ring.
  • These are first copper-plated and soldered to their brass supporting disks.
  • Much iron, steel, copper, brass and nickel are used in our homes.
  • The brass by the north side of the screen (p. 89) may mark the site.
  • Mr. Francis Rochdale recommended him to your shop, to buy his brass trumpet.
  • And the men of Petronella's world bestowed on her brass bowls and tea-caddies!
  • He perceived that the six brass buttons of Tom's jacket had been cut off.
  • Nice trouble I'd be in if I sold brass smoke-jacks for a bob!

Definition of Brass

(slang) Brass monkey; cold. | to coat with brass | (uncountable, slang) Brass in pocket; money.
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