Braved in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Braved

1. Our boat has braved a many storms. 🔊

2. He dreaded the answer, though he braved it. 🔊

3. That, all the war, has braved both sword and gun? 🔊

4. Has braved the stormy Apennine? 🔊

5. In ships," and braved the stormy element. 🔊

6. When the door did open, he started, but braved the forthcoming revelation. 🔊

7. To him who had braved the church, every door was shut, every knife was open. 🔊

8. And this is how Judge Whipple braved public opinion once more. 🔊

How to use Braved in Sentences?

1. John had braved too many dangers and undergone too many hardships to be termed weak. 🔊

2. Turning their backs upon the gloomy estate, they again braved the penetrating wind. 🔊

3. For Eveley would have braved every court in the country for her little foreign sister. 🔊

4. The citizens of Augsburg, after tasting his bounty, braved the menaces of his antagonist. 🔊

5. To all that braved the tyrant-quelling lance, And shame too long delayed and vain retreat! 🔊

6. If Hester had been living I would have braved her wrath and her estrangement and gone to him. 🔊

7. The fire no longer warms me, nor does the great cloak with which I braved the snows of Canada. 🔊

8. That the mariner-man, Since the world began Has braved on the sea of life? 🔊

9. That guard our native seas; Whose flag has braved a thousand years The battle and the breeze! 🔊

10. It seemed the strangest of all the strange happenings that they two should have braved so much together for the love of the same woman. 🔊

11. No doubt some of them may even on a dare have braved a skim of new ice on a pond in the early spring. 🔊

12. A few whose rides were particularly dangerous or who had braved unusual dangers received one hundred and fifty dollars. 🔊