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  • Be patient; and not a brawler or striker.
  • Was the troublesome brawler a spoiled "only child"?
  • He had found him to be a brawler and very much of a ruffian.
  • Joe said curtly, "This barroom brawler attacked me.

How To Use Brawler In A Sentence?

  • But the stalwart, active brawler proved to be too much for the combined force of the waiters.
  • Long before he finished, the last wheels had rattled, the last brawler was removed, we alone broke the quiet of the summer night.
  • Your hired brawler started off as per instructions, evidently, but after a couple of blows had been exchanged his slap-happy brain lost the message and he tried to take me.

Definition of Brawler

One who brawls, engages in noisy, unseemly fights. | (video games, informal) A beat 'em up game.
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