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  • No sounding of drums or braying of trumpets.
  • They are braying for joy; their faces are turned homeward.
  • The braying of one of them had caused terror in the hearts of the older men.
  • The mules, braying and running wild, thundered on south after the horses.

How To Use Braying In A Sentence?

  • Suddenly, a sound as of kettledrums and cymbals and squeaking violins rose above the neighing and braying of the fair.
  • It is a busy scene and, what with braying of donkeys and shouting of the wood-merchants, there is enough noise too.
  • Amid the clash of arms, the braying of trumpets, and the applause of thousands, they cordially embraced.
  • He continued his braying for some time, and then ended with what appeared, to his own ears, a flourish of surpassing brilliancy.
  • And now the steady braying of the air-pump beat sounded like cries of distress, and the noise in my ears grew like the roar of a train.
  • Service craft of all sizes and descriptions were feeling their way up and down the broad estuary, making the welkin ring with the discordant braying on their syrens and foghorns.
  • Fences there were none, nor any living animals save the braying hybrids which limped across the naked plains to eke out existence upon some secluded patches of grass.
  • The vociferous braying of the mules mingled with the clamorous voices of the drivers, as each struggled to secure and bring into subjection his own big team of eight or ten mules.
  • The tired man lost consciousness and was sunk in profound slumber when the silence of the forest was shattered by a snorting, braying roar that rang through the jungle with alarming suddenness.
  • Most quaint of all were the surpliced instrumentalists with their braying bassoon and ophicleide: not to forget the double-bass player who 'sawed' away for the bare life of him.

Definition of Braying

present participle of bray | An act or sound of braying.
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