Bread In A Sentence

Definition of Bread

(transitive) To form in meshes; net. | A piece of embroidery; a braid.

How To Use Bread In A Sentence?

  • There was neither fire on the hearth nor bread in the cupboard, and the night was bitterly cold.
  • But oh! they have not turned to us for the bread of charity, or for womanly lamentations.
  • On other days we breakfasted very soon after it was light, on milk porridge, or bread and coffee.
  • A little polenta, a handful of grapes, and a piece of bread sufficed for a good meal.
  • With this puppet I would travel about the world to earn a piece of bread and a glass of wine.
  • The unhappy knight was again put into prison, where he was cruelly chained and fed on bread and water.
  • Hansel did not answer, but he went on strewing his crumbs carefully until the last morsel of bread was gone.
  • The man from the wood placed himself in front of it and began to eat, and before the day was over the mountain of bread had vanished.
  • Jessie sat down with the bread knife in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other, the better to consider this proposition.
  • Crumbs were crumbs, as he viewed it, and biscuit crumbs were quite as good as bread crumbs for his purpose.
  • The writer remembers the manner of one, disappointed at its bread sap, most of the milk of which had been absorbed.
  • Her rooms were empty, there was not so much as a crust of bread in her kitchen, in her purse were two farthings.
  • She gave them each a piece of bread for their dinner, and told them to be sure not to eat it too soon, for they would get nothing more.
  • And she threw the bread from the basket, and the beautiful birds unbent their curved necks, devouring it voraciously under the water.
  • Latterly we had often had to mix tsampa with flour to eke out our stock of the latter when baking bread for British troops.
  • As they went, Hansel crumbled his morsel of bread in his pocket and strewed the crumbs upon the path.
  • But little Alice did not know that her bread was made of the wheat that she had seen growing in the big field where the daisies bloomed.
  • The man that gets that market, his fortune is made, his bread and butter are safe, for those people will never go back on him.
  • From the voracity with which he bolted down a loaf of bread which I bought for him, the vapour does not seem to injure the animal functions.
  • Gretel carried the bread in her pinafore, because Hansel had his pockets full, and then they all set out upon their way to the wood.
  • We supped from the bread and meat our good missionary friend had given us, and, rolling ourselves in our blankets, we slept; but not long.
  • The big, fierce Ingles went away in the morning, after eating a piece of bread and drinking some wine.
  • Stuff the bodies with a forcemeat of fat, salt pork, minced onions, and fine bread crumbs well seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • I thought how easily Millicent might do without a new hat, a new cloak, or live on bread and water for a year.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bread | Bread Sentence

  • Their bread and butter was not at stake there.
  • The bread eaten, the company broke up.
  • She bought a loaf of brown bread and five currant buns.
  • In Paris the bread was indifferently poor.
  • I'm sure, might get your bread out o'the fire.
  • So you think I provide bread and jam for you, indeed!
  • Before I left Paris the city was put upon bread cards.
  • Did not the cake of barley bread overturn the tent and the camp of the foe?
  • You can't make bread rise from the outside.
  • At rich men's tables eaten bread and pulse?
  • An individual was restricted to one medium-sized roll of bread at a meal.
  • Immediately after roll-call, corn bread is brought in for breakfast.
  • They make as good bread here as in France, and by night all cats are gray.
  • In the North and in Europe hot bread is considered unhealthy.
  • The American Press, asking for bread in England, received a stone.
  • He charged me for the bread and meat, and wouldn't let me have no butter!

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