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  • Do not break sentences in two.
  • And he would break his heart over me.
  • I feared to break in suddenly upon her.
  • Let him break off with her, and take this girl!
  • There was just a little break in her voice, however.
  • May I then let my ecstasy break forth!
  • In my dreams I saw thy sword break in twain.
  • No man break thy purple cup Set for drinking deep in.
  • I'll break your head.
  • The magnates have conspired together to break the law.
  • Do not break sentences in two 12 7.
  • You're trying to break up our show.
  • If he would only for once break free from artificial restraints!
  • I came to a point where a break in the walls let in the sunlight.
  • You'll have to break it to his wife. . .
  • A great impulse had come to him to break his pledge, to tell her the truth.
  • Was you afraid I'd break my contract with you?
  • The weaves roll and break, and roll and break from morning till night forever.
  • For a long time I made unsuccessful efforts to break my chain.
  • At Toocog there is sharp break between savanna and forest (Pl. 7, fig.
  • For if the other party should be pressing, Perhaps he'll break with us.

How To Use Break In A Sentence?

  • Before we know it someone else will break in and get all the cream off the proposition.
  • The hunted stags, with their young ones, break through the thicket and disappear.
  • I tied my horse near the break in the wall, and went to the shack on foot, this time.
  • There she sat unconcerned, and I had to break it to her and did not know how to begin.
  • Would she be worth to him the break with his mother, with his traditions, with his inherited ideals?
  • Hence it is beyond the reach of almighty power itself to break up and confound the immutable foundations of reason and truth.
  • Now two of these dwellers in the desert whom you see here with me halted to-day by the wayside and prepared to break their fast.
  • The break between them serves the purpose of a rhetorical pause, throwing into prominence some detail of the action.
  • There was not a break in the second show, but there was a great surprise for the boys when the third and last programme began.
  • He felt that he should stifle unless he could break away into a place where there were winds and blown shadows and pure sunshine.
  • He had to break his way through the thickets, see that some kind of a line was kept, and that orders were being executed.
  • She seemed to melt rather than break from her attitude of waiting, so gently did her movements sink into the shadowy glow of the firelight.
  • Did he build his hopes upon a possible break in the chain of Pennroyal's evidence?
  • And he is not the man to break the word he has once given, whether it be to God or to his fellow-man.
  • The surcharging spleen of the audience began to break in a murmuring, humming, and buzzing, from centre to gallery.
  • As though the words had held a charm to break the spell of silence, they were followed by a babel of groans, of outcries and entreaties.
  • The shot served to break up the fight and scatter the herd, however, and we returned to the cottonwoods with the hind-quarter of a fat calf.
  • I remember the pigeon seasons, when the birds would come in millions, and cover the trees, and by their weight break down the branches.
  • The Turkish host surrounded the Hungarians on every side, but were unable to break through their ranks.

Definition of Break

(transitive, intransitive) To separate into two or more pieces, to fracture or crack, by a process that cannot easily be reversed for reassembly. | (transitive) To divide (something, often money) into smaller units. | (transitive) To cause (a person or animal) to lose spirit or will; to crush the spirits of.
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