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  • What then of her young breasts and her womb?
  • In breasts of angels high and good!
  • Their heart beats in the breasts of the poor and the rich.
  • Then came a formless thing, with breasts dyed scarlet.
  • The breasts are large, full, and well supported.
  • The Empress crushes her breasts with her hands and weeps.
  • It breasts the breeziest hour That ever blew.
  • The sacred fire burned in their breasts and that was enough.
  • I know now what clouds are, softer than the breasts of doves.
  • The light faded upon the purple breasts of the western mountains.
  • She knew nothing of the breasts of chickens and never would know anything.
  • To our breasts a stranger-- God of Battles!
  • Blind faith increased every day in the breasts of the crew on "The Purple.

How To Use Breasts In A Sentence?

  • All around her, good American wives were examining the grain of beef and the breasts of chickens.
  • It is because we have had experience of it in our own breasts that we recognize and respond to the descriptions which others give of it.
  • He licked the white and bloodied droplets from each of her breasts and smiled at her when he finished.
  • Stir to mix thoroughly and add the prepared breasts of the guinea hens and heat slowly until very hot.
  • There was a vast but ill-defined enthusiasm in the breasts of the younger world, and it was shared by many of their teachers.
  • Stones flew, flung by men whose wrongs had smothered in their breasts and bred a fury of hate and murder.
  • Carol laughed, the youthful swell of her breasts against the soft, spun-glass material of her blouse.
  • And the beautiful girl that possessed such fine breasts could no longer row about on our little lake, naked to the waist.
  • This they crossed at a place wading it to their breasts in water, where they halted waiting for Maj.
  • Their breasts have burst through the battle's worst, And why should they tremble here?
  • They sit perfectly upright, some with their backs and some with their breasts toward me, but every head turned squarely in my direction.
  • The walls are twelve feet thick, and must have begotten a pleasant feeling of perfect security in the breasts of the involuntary inhabitants.
  • Her delicate but firm breasts rose and fell with each breath that she took, and the fair skin on her arms and legs were dotted with goose-bumps.
  • Thus at the breasts of wisdom day by day With keener relish you'll your thirst allay.
  • Two peasants went up with me, and from time to time kindly handed me clusters of small raisins taken from the breasts of dirty felt clothing.
  • Among the old people, if you look close enough, you may see that their wrinkled breasts and bellies are scorched and raw also.
  • Gules a winged chimera argent, the head and breasts carnation (or proper), and the wings and feet of an eagle.
  • Two long-winged baby-swallows were sitting on their breasts on the sunny flagged path, resting, turning their sleek heads to right and left.
  • Faithfully fulfilling the character of soldiery of the Lord, ye constantly carry upon your breasts the sign of the life-giving cross.
  • But who can describe the jealousy, the envy, and the indignation which swelled in the breasts of Mezrimbi and his father, the chief brahmin?
  • By 30 she is getting "old"; before 45 the women are old, with flat, pendent folds of skin where the breasts were.
  • Their trembling breasts against the drift, Then sought some little mound of moss Wherein to lay their precious gift.
  • How many god-like breasts shall learn From thee with Love's rich wounds to burn!
  • There was an air about the place that seemed to scorn the facile awe it woke in the breasts of the beholders and that fleered at the human banalities upon their lips.
  • The wonder of the unknown was in them both; and their breasts throbbed a little, as they looked to see what each bend in the stream would have to show.
  • The warm night air was strong with heavy scent Of oil upon the dancers and the flowers That decked their breasts and hair.
  • The broken sentences told of love and happiness, and a deep feeling of sympathy stole into the breasts of her hearers as they listened to her ravings.

Definition of Breasts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of breast | plural of breast

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