Breaths In A Sentence

Definition of Breaths

plural of breath

How To Use Breaths In A Sentence?

  • The crew held their breaths as if the apparition might vanish as suddenly as it appeared.
  • Erelong will the breaths of chastisement seize thee, as they seized others before thee.
  • For an instant all was deathly still, save the deep-drawn breaths of vengeance.
  • A moment later only his deep-drawn, nozzling breaths could be heard in the room.
  • Caroline nodded comprehendingly, breathing deep breaths of the fresh, earth-scented air.
  • He peered out and sucked in a few deep breaths of air then turned to Brook and laughed.
  • Before rolling up in my blankets, I went out into the yard to get a few breaths of fresh air.
  • Reflect, that haply thou mayest perceive the breaths of thine acts, O foolish doubter!
  • Then would come quickly indrawn breaths as the rudders swung again and the humming silence droned on.
  • So the winds of gossiping breaths blew both ways at once in the matter, and it was much discussed for a time.
  • Somewhere his son and his two daughters were drawing their first free breaths relieved of a burden they should never have had to carry.
  • The two women exclaimed under their breaths to each other and moved farther away, as if from an impending explosion.
  • Coming so suddenly upon it they caught their breaths and gazed in silence; for there was nothing fitting to say.
  • Her heart was beating heavily and her quick breaths passed through her like burning spears when she made her way out of the room.
  • While the sensitive is receiving a flood of inspiration he breaths an atmosphere of delight, and lives in an ideal world.
  • We were not, as a family, given to explanations, and we drew a few more breaths of the evening air in silence.
  • They held their breaths until the smoky mist subsided and a green light came on, and with it the door before them slowly swung ajar.
  • Then he squeezed; and the spectators drew their breaths audibly, for it seemed that no man could stand such a strain.
  • When the collision comes, take a few long breaths before you move; take time to think what it means.
  • Barrie drew in deep breaths of the strange, still atmosphere which was like air that had been put to sleep years and years ago.
  • As she sat, drawing long breaths that meant the ebbing of emotion, he let his eyes feed on her face.
  • Always the forest lives and breathes, but when the new leaves come it draws long, shuddering breaths of delight.
  • As the carriage dashed away the friends drew long breaths of relief and wiped away the blood and powder stains from their heated brows.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Breaths | Breaths Sentence

  • They caught their breaths in astonishment.
  • All held their breaths and listened.
  • I took full twenty breaths while he was down.
  • They held their breaths and watched his face.
  • We all held our breaths and waited for him to speak.
  • The girls caught their breaths in sharp gasps.
  • He took long breaths of the clear brine.
  • We held our breaths till they were nearly choked out of us.
  • Rubicund faces; breaths odorous of brandy-and-water.
  • We held our breaths when the Kaiser uttered these words.
  • Drew could actually hear the panting breaths of the men now.
  • The breaths quickly passed in and out of her, in strangled gasps.
  • Gusterson took two deep breaths that were close to angry sobs.
  • Her quick, short breaths told him of the tempest in her tender young bosom.
  • A something tame and passionless That breaths but does not live.
  • The midnight space that grows imbrued With damp breaths from the ashy ground.
  • Quick breaths came from eager Lady Meg; otherwise all was still.

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