Breezes In A Sentence

Definition of Breezes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of breeze | plural of breeze

How To Use Breezes In A Sentence?

  • One small terrace walk was the only spot permitted her on which to enjoy the breezes of heaven.
  • Chain of repose: as if the breezes were bound down and kept at rest by a chain.
  • The breezes of utterance in this Revelation are not to be compared with those of former ages.
  • From time to time, however, breezes were apt to ruffle the placid sea of good fellowship.
  • Hundreds of thousands of acres of good corn-land are waving in the hot breezes of Dixie.
  • Each valley has its tributary stream, down which, even in the dog-days, cool breezes rustle.
  • The next day was fine, neither too cool nor too warm; the breezes were gentle, and nature smiled.
  • There is so much water around it that the sea breezes sweep across it and make it delightfully cool.
  • But no more snakes come to his aid that day and only the gentlest of breezes rustles the spreading boughs that shade their pathway.
  • Birds fluted softly, and the high elms which stirred in the wandering breezes were all thick with their red buds.
  • When the passer-by is gone he ceases chattering and climbs back to where the little breezes can stir his tail-plumes.
  • The evening breezes whispered mournfully through the ruined walls, and strewed the faded leaves upon eleven grassy mounds.
  • We experienced strong breezes from the north, but the range of the thermometer was high, and the weather rather oppressive than otherwise.
  • There, the trees still rustled in green luxuriance, to soft breezes perfumed with orange-trees and roses.
  • There was glorious sunshine everywhere, and a cool little undercurrent of breezes stirred every leaf into a tiny banner of victory.
  • The breezes that had so much assisted as from the lake upwards, had now lost their influence, or failed to reach to the distance we had gained.
  • It is my hope, when the snow is off the ground and the ocean has been tamed by breezes from the south, to cross to England.
  • There is something soothing and healing in the breezes that sweep up the Sage Brush on summer evenings.
  • Solid purple, yellow, green, burnin' colors palpitating with light and cheer under the warm breezes and glowin' sunshine.
  • He was compelled to abandon his career at the University, and to seek for health in the softer breezes of the South.
  • Along her level lands the fitful southern breezes sweep, And beyond her western windows the sublime old mountains sleep.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Breezes | Breezes Sentence

  • By breezes of desire.
  • These delightful breezes are most invigorating.
  • All the family breezes have started here.
  • Quiet breezes have become furious tempests.
  • Fresh breezes and fine weather, but very hazy.
  • And binds her hair, because the breezes blow.
  • Fresh breezes south-easterly, and fine weather.
  • Fresh breezes and cloudy weather, wind southerly.
  • Fresh breezes and fair weather, ending with a fresh gale.
  • O, Breezes of Spring!
  • Fresh breezes E N E with constant rain; at times a deluge.
  • Fresh breezes E N E, and fair weather, but very hazy.
  • As down from the sky by the breezes 'tis borne.
  • Fresh breezes and fair weather; wind E S E and E.
  • No breezes that blow could waft strength or vitality to those feeble lungs.
  • The breezes of Revelation can never be confounded with other breezes.
  • When Summer's seething breezes blow!
  • By the breezes fanned, their beaming Gloweth now with fiercer light!
  • To soar, where clearer suns illume, And fresher breezes play?

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