Brethren In A Sentence

How To Use Brethren In A Sentence?

  • Man-made walls between Christian brethren are crumbling.
  • Charge to the Brethren of the Lodge.
  • His Brethren before Joseph.
  • They, like their brethren in Amsterdam, were afraid.
  • Those Brethren come Home again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brethren | Brethren Sentence

  • But there were more than his brethren there.
  • The brethren are now seated.
  • And after this the brethren accused each other.
  • My brethren left you?
  • The brethren were delighted.
  • And his brethren were content.
  • My brethren will hold it in readiness.
  • Ye brethren of the kindred tie!
  • Our brethren are already in the field.
  • The brethren looked at him in surprise.
  • Our brethren are already in the field!
  • The brethren followed him in silence.
  • For his convent brethren dear.
  • Our brethren are already in the field!
  • And his brethren hearkened unto him.
  • Why not abide with his brethren on board the vessel?
  • A shout of joy from the brethren answered him.
  • Then his brethren came to him from every side.
  • But hear my brethren in their darkling fright!
  • The brethren were one and all incapable of speech.
  • Their brethren who had gone before had sent them the news.
  • Weak brethren may think it extreme.
  • I went to meet with the brethren and sisters as usual.
  • Then were the three sworn brethren greatly discomfited.
  • O beautiful and well-beloved brethren and children!
  • The brethren are now all provided for....
  • The brethren put their money into one common stock.
  • The brethren must have suffered much from cold in winter.
  • First, he slew two brethren at a passage of a water.
  • Joseph and his Brethren pleading.
  • With the Pandava brethren fought.
  • Joseph "spake roughly" to his brethren at the first.
  • And so he did, just as his California brethren do.
  • My brethren in America do not appreciate their blessings.
  • Perhaps our Nonconformist brethren could join us here.

Definition of Brethren

Of or akin to; related; like | (archaic) plural of brother | (figuratively) The body of members, especially of a fraternal, religious or military order.
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