Brevity In A Sentence

Definition of Brevity

(uncountable) The quality of being brief in duration. | (uncountable) Succinctness; conciseness. | (rare, countable) A short piece of writing.

How To Use Brevity In A Sentence?

  • A hard emphatic brevity is all that distinguishes his language from that of prose.
  • He seldom spoke to her, and when he did it was with an unadorned brevity that offended her.
  • The attainment of brevity often requires considerable expenditure of effort and of time.
  • There was a note of sadness in her voice, a note almost as unfamiliar as the brevity of her reply.
  • In the former instance, the brevity of the mental process tends to obscure this fact.
  • For the sake of brevity and clearness I shall divide my subject into three parts.
  • Excuse the brevity of this epistle, but I must stop here, or lose the opportunity of sending.
  • The events of the next five weeks have an importance out of all proportion to the brevity of the time.
  • Partow settled himself to listen with the gift of the organizer who draws from his informant the brevity of essentials.
  • Denham answered him with the brevity which is the result of having another sentence in the mind to be addressed to another person.
  • Sometimes he thought that the frailty of what is beautiful and the brevity of what is good adds value to the beauty and goodness of all things.
  • The same pattern is continued throughout the mitten, but for brevity the number of rounds only is given.
  • The statements contradictory to those of Kollmann are probably to be explained by the brevity of the observations.
  • At first there seems something paradoxical in dwelling on the brevity of an author whose works are to be counted by scores of volumes.
  • We shall move rapidly; for our rehearsal will best attain the object we have in view by its brevity and condensation.
  • The brevity of chapters, and interchange of topics, could not practise their kindly deception on us twice.
  • Thank Heaven for the brevity of their memory, or we leaders would be hung high by our own inconsistencies!
  • Instead he was passing through that interlude, whose brevity has made the world doubt its existence, known as platonic friendship.
  • And the utter impotence of their struggle against God is revealed in the quietness and brevity with which their defeat and capture are told.
  • In the police-court Bruce had described with calm brevity the events of that trying night and morning.
  • Continued practice had given him the utmost economy of words; and as far as brevity and point are concerned, his method left nothing to be desired.
  • For the sake of brevity this may be called the "economic boycott," but it is really very much more than simply economic pressure.
  • But who can here supply the brevity of the historian, and report the whole of what the apostle said to Felix on these important points?
  • She was then about twenty-three, tall, dark, of full figure, doomed to a brevity of beauty, but at the moment magnificence itself.
  • We are sorry to perceive that brevity is the only redeeming quality of Dr. Davis's performance.
  • You will notice the brevity of Harrison's statement, and that Alexander made no statement.
  • It is now necessary to resume and to finish with great brevity the notice of the lives of those whose virtues and services we have met to commemorate.
  • Each subsidiary problem requires an estimate of the situation although "the brevity of the mental process tends to obscure this fact" (page 172).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brevity | Brevity Sentence

  • Alas for the brevity of earthly joys!
  • But we deprecate the brevity of this notice.
  • Here the words end, as brevity is wisdom.
  • The answer even the brevity of it fulfilled his understanding of her.
  • His characters have not always a due regard to the brevity of human life.
  • With even greater brevity may the problem of nationality be disposed of.
  • The brevity of human life is naturally enough a favorite theme with poets.
  • Other things being equal, however, brevity carries an audience.
  • The record, of course, consisted in the brevity of her two-inch tail.
  • The tones were gruff, and almost Indian-like in the brevity of expression.
  • If I am to have any reputation for brevity I must now close these remarks.
  • I remember a lesson in brevity I once received in a barber's shop.
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