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  • And Brian was all he had.
  • And Brian is my friend.
  • There Brian had been a jewel.
  • To Brian had come a problem of his own.
  • It drove Brian to sunsets.
  • Yes, Brian had been there.
  • You were calling him Brian yesterday.
  • Small blame to Brian if he resented it all.
  • You and Brian would never understand.
  • Uncle Brian often used to talk about them.
  • Ah, there Brian had been right.
  • All that Brian has said of his father is true.
  • Brian had ploughed and Brian had mended fences.
  • The legend filled Brian with yearning.
  • At any cost he wanted Brian back.
  • And he had driven Brian forth upon the road.
  • With Brian it would be the inner things that counted.
  • With the death of Brian the united government dissolved.
  • Nobody but Brian would have bought so many handles.
  • In my opinion the sooner Brian gets away the better.
  • It would give his need of Brian invincible weight.
  • And Brian had lived in a corncrib at seven cents a day.
  • He would tramp every mile of the road as Brian had done.
  • Irritable and upset, Brian went out upon the porch.
  • He was followed by Brian Boru.
  • You and me, Brian and Dinah.
  • I think, dear, you and Brian had better go.
  • But then, he reflected sadly, Brian was always right.
  • That night Brian wrote to Whitaker.
  • As much as Brian loves Dinah?
  • Uncle Brian and I always cure ourselves.
  • Tired, ill and aeons old, Brian opened his eyes.
  • When she reached Kingcombe, Brian had not come home.
  • And my name is, said the younger, Brian of the Forest.
  • The latter monument is to Brian Annesley, Esq.

How To Use Brian In A Sentence?

  • Sir Brian and Lady Strange never run; they walk.
  • For I was the bard of Brian Mac Guire.
  • Collated by William Gerhardi & Brian Lunn.
  • Sir Brian Strange, R.A., looks for scissors.
  • What's Brian been doing?

Definition of Brian

(dialectal, Northern England) To keep fire at the mouth of (as of an oven), to give light or to preserve heat.
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