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  • Did you bribe her with your teapot?
  • There is a bribe possible for any finite will.
  • Or you bribe him with a penny to mind his business.
  • A small bribe would have been worse than none at all.
  • Neither wealth nor power could bribe or intimidate him.
  • The bribe of two obols brought him out with his pipe.
  • Or a bribe to Adeimantus and his fellows?
  • How can we know that the Devil tried to bribe Christ?
  • Is it a fact that the Devil tried to bribe Christ?
  • Every member who voted against it has received a large bribe from the banks.
  • Hilda could not even bribe a servant without knowing how to speak to him.
  • Either the god found the bribe too small or lacked the power to accept it.
  • A bribe paid by a rich man to escape the lawful penalty of his crime.
  • So I don't say that to bribe you.
  • You can't bribe me, Romola.
  • Of course an Irishman would take a bribe one way and calmly vote another.
  • But the unlucky bribe of the Enemy of Souls touched his Castilian spirit.

How To Use Bribe In A Sentence?

  • If you can afford to pay largely it is better to bribe a servant than to trust a friend.
  • Was there ever any such bribe held forth to a generation of unmarried and marriageable women?
  • The bribe must be poor indeed, which the aids of imagination cannot render irresistible.
  • For one thing, you might jump into a cab and hunt your man down with a big bribe in your pocket.
  • Of course, we could, in the last resource, bribe the doctor, but we preferred not to.
  • Whatever with a bribe thou fain wouldst hide, More shamefully thou spreadest far and wide.
  • Large sums were sent from London to bribe the Press, and corrupt the wavering with ready money.
  • To bribe the guard was foolhardy because the guard did not know the combination of the safety-lock.
  • Therefore they are obliged to bribe the local orthodox pope, in order that he should not denounce them to the police.
  • Conceal your names and stations from her, if possible, and in any case bribe her to silence upon the subject of your abode here.
  • She used to bribe the sexton to ring the bells (a duty which he rather neglected) with presents of knitted wool.
  • Never offer them a piece of candy, a bun, or an orange as a reward for virtues, or as a bribe to cease being naughty.
  • I will corrupt the organist, bribe the choir, double-bank the preacher in advance, and we will all have a rousing time.
  • Everything having been amicably arranged between them, Harry promised to pay the bribe as soon as they had reached the gate.
  • Her profession ceased to seem a mere bribe to his eagerness; it was charged with eagerness itself; it was a present reward and would somehow last.
  • Everything was tried by his own people to induce him to leave me and to renounce the Worship, offering him every honor and bribe in their power.
  • The place has an evil reputation; no native boy cares to go near it; no bribe would induce one to visit it alone.
  • He was, therefore, compelled to wait until the evening, when the same sentinel would be again on guard, before he could attempt to bribe him.
  • A man had tried to bribe the singer's chauffeur, while she was singing at the Austrian ambassador's.
  • For 'tis a rule with those gallants, who wish To win the mistress, first to bribe the maid.
  • Is it possible that Christ offered the bribe of eternal joy to those who would desert their fathers, their mothers, their wives and children?
  • It was a practical bribe to the Deity its people had so long outraged, were still outraging, and had every intention of continuing to outrage.
  • The Beg was a rogue, but money was his fetish, and Marishka's bribe was the larger.

Definition of Bribe

(transitive) To give a bribe to; specifically, to ask a person to do something, usually against his/her will, in exchange for some type of reward or relief from potential trouble. | (transitive) To gain by a bribe; to induce as by a bribe. | Something (usually money) given in exchange for influence or as an inducement to dishonesty.
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