Bridle In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bridle | Bridle Sentence

  • The bridle was trailing.
  • The bridle of the tongue.
  • The horse had a bridle and reins.
  • I believe your bridle is hurting you.
  • He slipped the bridle over her head.
  • And the bridle upon his mane.
  • He passed his arm through the bridle of his horse.
  • How much in vain it is to bridle nature!
  • Always see that your bridle reins are sound.
  • Tim invested in a bridle and saddle blanket.
  • They drew bridle before one of the cottages.
  • He grabbed the bridle and fought the horse.
  • Still he would not put the bridle on his restless activity.
  • And she gathered up the bridle in her supple little hand.
  • The man caught the bridle with one hand.
  • Its saddle and bridle adorned a limb of the oak.
  • A tug on the bridle rope nearly jerked it from his hand.
  • She got the bridle on, and then she saddled the sorrel.
  • He let the bridle rein drop, and put his hand to his face.
  • I had set Upon my bridle rein.
  • The Indian dropped the bridle rein.
  • The Professor took hold of the bridle rein.
  • Take his saddle and bridle off, Burke.
  • Now Nell rode without touching the bridle reins.
  • I grew so angry at him I could hardly bridle my anger in.
  • The bridle and saddle were laid on the shelf; he, haw, hum!
  • Mrs. Crocker put a detaining hand on his bridle reins.
  • Jake sprang out of his saddle, throwing his bridle to Bill.
  • But "with what bridle is he led?
  • And with his bridle pull'st him to the grave!
  • Ump shook the reins of his bridle and went by me in a gallop.
  • He slipped his arm through the bridle and started down the trail.
  • The hand that held the bridle was stiffened into uselessness.
  • Beebee quickly alighted from her horse and tied the bridle to a tree.
  • Still holding the horse by the bridle he went hurriedly back.
  • The saddle is represented, but there is no bridle or other trappings.
  • As well attempt to bridle the whirlwind as this infuriate flood.
  • Aha, we've put a bridle on you there!

How To Use Bridle In A Sentence?

  • The horse had been shot through the head and both saddle and bridle were missing.
  • The bridle of the throat then is to be held attempered between slackness and stiffness.

Definition of Bridle

(transitive) To put a bridle on. | (transitive) To check, restrain, or control with, or as if with, a bridle; as in bridle your tongue. | (intransitive) To show hostility or resentment.
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