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  • Reynolds bridled coquettishly.
  • I saddled and bridled my pony.
  • I had my horse saddled and bridled all the time.
  • They were all saddled and bridled ready for an emergency.
  • Higli bridled up, his eyes glared sulkily.
  • Ah, a tender mouth was bitted and bridled at last!
  • Louise whistled Boyar to her and bridled him.
  • Miss Deane bridled slightly.
  • Mrs. Bell bridled at this.
  • Miss Betty bridled and bit her lip.
  • Mrs. Howland bridled slightly.
  • The Cardinal stood beside him bridled and saddled.
  • She blushed when I did so, and bridled a little.
  • The silly old man bridled old Tib and saddled her too.
  • The passions which reason cannot restrain are not to be bridled by religion.
  • Jason downed a large mouthful from the mug and bridled his temper.
  • They found that all the horses in the stable were saddled and bridled for use.
  • She had all her point at least, while she bridled and blinked, for this.
  • He bridled up at the word "illiterate," and repudiated the vile insinuation.
  • She bridled with rage, and exchanged a significant glance with Guglielmi.
  • I bridled him, and saddled him, And sent him out of town.
  • Page 56 76. BRIDLED TERN.

How To Use Bridled In A Sentence?

  • Mihailovitch loved his cousin so well that he bridled his rage and assented to her wishes.
  • The sweat dripped from his face as he bridled and saddled the half-wild animal.
  • She bridled at herself in a mirror, wherein not a sign of paleness was reflected.
  • And the horses, saddled and bridled before his eyes, were led over to where he sat.
  • He opened the big gate; then went to the stable, and saddled and bridled his horse.
  • The Horse agreed to the conditions, and the Hunter soon saddled and bridled him.
  • I bridled my ire, and decided to play the game out with them and fathom the mystery of their espionage.
  • Deftly they bridled and saddled the animals, and then led them quietly to the lane which would take them to the road.
  • The old wives of the hamlet were saddled and bridled by night, and urged with whip and spur over whole realms.
  • Presently he rose softly from his seat, and taking his saddle blanket, saddled and bridled his horse.
  • Mary bridled and blushed and threw a tender glance at him from behind her fan, and the parson thought to himself that after all he was not old yet.
  • A rope-twitch was round his lip in an instant, and a moment later he stood bridled and in his right mind.
  • When he rose up there stood on the other side of the ditch before him a little horse, all bridled and saddled, with a whip on the saddle.
  • He had encountered a horse, saddled and bridled and still alive, lying in the road with a broken leg.
  • The girls bridled with pleasure at the rude compliments, pretending not to hear them, feeling very desirable and womanly in their finery.
  • He stole out of the hall, and went to the stable, and bridled and saddled his horse, and rode swiftly out into the forest.
  • On that account he appears in the shape of a pretty pony, bridled and saddled, and all ready for a pleasant gallop across the country.

Definition of Bridled

Equipped with a bridle; controlled. | (chiefly ornithology) Having bridle-shaped marks. | simple past tense and past participle of bridle
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