Brigands In A Sentence

How To Use Brigands In A Sentence?

  • He waited patiently until several more of the brigands had returned to the ship.
  • Ledageree and two of his surviving brigands were clambering aboard the space ship.
  • Naturally we have the gendarmes with us, but the brigands are much more powerful.
  • Les brigands parcouraient la forteresse et pillaient les maisons des officiers.
  • Man, they should have been met upon the road, for who can be held answerable for what brigands do?
  • Our father and mother do lie in wait for us and leap out on us, like brigands from a bush.
  • Now we police the land for Dervishes and brigands and every sort of danger to civilisation.
  • Il s'agit d'une anecdote sur ces virtuoses brigands qui ├ęgorgent les grands compositeurs.
  • Armed Brigands begin to make their appearance and a "reign of terror," is ushered in.
  • The three brigands stepped into the Appian Way from behind a mass of fallen masonry.
  • Mais dans ce temps-la j'avais un peu de bien, et les brigands me l'ont fait perdre.
  • A minute later a horde of brigands of ferocious aspect rushed up to the temple of Hsiang Shan.
  • The king, however, thanked me coldly, and called to one of his brigands who knew English.
  • It was quite plain to Frank that the three brigands stood in mortal fear of the mighty Honanese.
  • The whole Turkish coast of the Black Sea is infested with brigands who plunder at will.
  • More of the brigands in their electric resistors were advancing through the lightning bolts which crackled noisily.
  • Don't think because you have been a soldier, that these bush brigands are to be despised.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brigands | Brigands Sentence

  • As if there was any brigands in this region!
  • The brigands were afoot by day.
  • The three brigands gasped.
  • Three times they were robbed by brigands on this journey.
  • Les brigands sont chez nous.
  • Several of the brigands jumped out of the ship to meet us.
  • We thought at first it was brigands attacking the town.
  • Meanwhile, the brigands had massed inside the ship.
  • These brigands are timid beasts....
  • The fight with the brigands made us lose three hours.
  • What cutthroats these Chinese brigands are!
  • The only brigands we saw we met at Patras.
  • Mais si les brigands prennent la forteresse?...
  • Told me he spends most of his time out there hunting brigands and outlaws.
  • The brigands admitted that they knew nothing of these things.
  • Several of the brigands fell backward off the deck of the outlaw craft.
  • But now the brigands have been hunted down, and the land sleeps in peace.
  • A voice from the space ship of the brigands suddenly gave out an order.
  • The men were not troopers, but brigands gotten up in the uniform of the guard.
  • Off they set at a dog-trot, with the remaining brigands around them.
  • There have been no brigands about Rome for more than twenty years.
  • The brigands were too numerous And powerful for a weak police.
  • Three of the brigands remained to guard Ben and the others made after Gilbert.

Definition of Brigands

plural of brigand
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