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  • If it dims the sky, it brightens the earth.
  • It brightens without ceasing....
  • The stir of the morning church-going brightens but does not mar this.
  • I was afraid he was a bit too poorly, but a visitor brightens him up at once.
  • The first besides brightens his corselet with magnificent copper reflections.
  • A love that brightens to deceive; A dream-shadow, fugitive.

How To Use Brightens In A Sentence?

  • She brightens our dull dinner parties for us and makes life go pleasantly by for a season.
  • Still, he brightens up whenever he speaks of his old friend and travelling companion, Mole.
  • At's weary toil; Though even brightens dark Despair Wi' gloomy smile.
  • At's weary toil: Thou even brightens dark Despair Wi' gloomy smile.
  • The day is coming, and when it brightens I myself will come to announce it to you who are now indifferent.
  • What a lusty hold she takes of a brimming bicker, and how her eye lightens and brightens as she surveys the swimming heaven under her nose!
  • He whose evil deeds are covered by good deeds, brightens up this world, like the moon when freed from clouds.
  • He falls into raptures over the petals of the rose, and his eye brightens tenderly over the June fly.
  • After an inward struggle which seems violent and lasts for some seconds, his hands drop to his sides, his face brightens and loses its hardness.
  • Methinks though the same sun brightens it every fair morning, yet the steeple has a peculiar robe of brightness for the Sabbath.
  • You would think, from the joy which brightens the face of the soldiers you meet now about, that a victory had been announced for the Italian arms.
  • Speak to me, Susan; speak, my beloved ones; for the scene is glimmering on my sight again, and as it brightens you fade away.
  • The firelight gradually brightens and throws my flickering shadow upon the walls and ceiling of the chamber, but still the storm rages and rattles against the windows.
  • A person of a joyous and happy disposition often brightens up at once any little circle into which he enters, while a morose and melancholy man carries gloom with him wherever he goes.
  • A change so delightful to Sir Christopher, that he, in his turn, brightens up, and grows more festive than he has been for many a day.
  • He who, even as a young Bhikshu, applies himself to the doctrine of Buddha, brightens up this world, like the moon when free from clouds.

Definition of Brightens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of brighten
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