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Definition of Brightest

superlative form of bright: most bright

How To Use Brightest In A Sentence?

  • Aristarchus is the most celebrated of them all, being the brightest point on the moon.
  • As they advanced it became more and more resplendent, like the brightest and purest emeralds.
  • This work is from the pen of one of the brightest lights of the American pulpit.
  • It heralds the coming of the brightest epoch yet chronicled in American history.
  • Of the cloud is lightning born; From out the darkest earth the brightest roses grow.
  • But I knew the man: he was one of those who wear their brightest smile in the blackest hour.
  • Ah, dearest tutors of our lisping-time, Today we bring you of our brightest rhyme.
  • The brightest star in the constellation is Alpha, or Algenib, in the center of the row.
  • One day I must recall; One day the brightest of them all, Must mark with special praise.
  • We look forward to the opportunities for observation in 1882 with the brightest hope that these difficult questions will be solved.
  • This great brother of his was the brightest landmark in his memory of the world he had said good-bye to years ago.
  • In the brightest spot it can find the small blackberry lily paints against the ledge its speckled orange star.
  • The trees and the grass have now the brightest possible green, there having been so many showers alternating with such powerful sunshine.
  • Pictures of his quiet and simple life rose before him, pictures fair with the brightest colors of blossoming love.
  • Grouse love the shoots of ling which spring up after burning, and the birds which feed upon this invariably have the brightest plumage.
  • When she removed the chair, there were the strawberries, fresh and strong, with leaves of the brightest green!
  • He had a red, cheery face; his eyes were of the brightest blue, and the whole man breathed and shone with good humour.
  • The rose is fairest when 'tis budding new, And hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.
  • Ailsa Grenville met them with her brightest smile, and ushered them proudly into her cool, picturesque drawing-room hut.
  • Philo is one of the brightest figures of a golden age of Jewish expansion, which passed away of a sudden, and has never since returned.
  • The brightest spot is at No.2, because the silvered glass at B is the best reflector and has the most light.
  • I think it is the brightest gem with which the human character is studded, and the want of it as more degrading than the most hideous of the bodily deformities.
  • A flight of snow that fell yesterday covered the tops of the mountains which came out in the full sunshine, pure white against the brightest of blue skies.
  • And sin has arisen, not from any power conferred for that purpose, but from that which constitutes the brightest element in the sublime structure and glory of the moral world.
  • It devolved upon each community to solve this problem, relating to the supply of ministers, by encouraging their own brightest and best boys to train for the ministry.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brightest | Brightest Sentence

  • Many of our brightest homes are being sacrificed.
  • Your brightest hopes may fail.
  • The brightest that beauty or revelry sips.
  • Hail, brightest star!
  • In richest ore the brightest jewel set!
  • Bring with thee Virtue, brightest maid!
  • Shine on, thou brightest star, Farther and still more far!
  • The brightest is called Arietis, or Hamel.
  • Some of the brightest colours are unfortunately the most fleeting.
  • The brightest things in all the house dropped from her fingers.
  • From the door of the saloon the brightest light crept out into the night.
  • I would not for the world deprive such a scene of its brightest ornament.
  • I know you well, my darling, you never deceived me in your brightest days.
  • Baldur, the son of Odin and Frigga, is the best and brightest of the gods.
  • The brightest jewel in my Crown Wad be my Queen, wad be my Queen.
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