Brightly In A Sentence

How To Use Brightly In A Sentence?

  • Everything looked dark and ominous even with the sun shining brightly overhead.
  • The mantelpiece itself glittered with a variety of brass utensils, all brightly polished.
  • They turned after reaching the top, down a hall soft to the foot and brightly lighted.
  • The holiday hat is the same, save for a roll of brightly and many tinted chenille.
  • Fleurette smiled brightly at him, shaking her hair from side to side in a golden shower.
  • But that brightly shining light had just promised her life, gayety, brilliance!
  • His eyes, bright with the morning light, sparkled yet more brightly at the thought.
  • He was afraid of her when she shone thus brightly among careless, worldly, sceptical people.
  • The waves dash brightly on thy shore, Fair island of the southern seas!
  • The wind was light, and brightly the sun shone, And still we galloped on from gorse to gorse.
  • In the rich sunset see how brightly glow Yon cottage homes, girt round with verdant green!
  • She smiled brightly at Ruth and wanly at John Mark, then started at the sight of the stranger.
  • No fresher or more brightly vigorous imagination has come out of Ireland since J. M. Synge.
  • Or their faces are like a mirror that shines brightly only when there is sunlight or some other light falling upon it.
  • The moon had risen and was shining brightly when she at last got up and climbed the winding paths up to the house.
  • During these hours their talk ranged over many subjects, the valet proving himself a brightly loquacious companion.
  • They passed under an immense, brightly lighted vault and then wriggled through the crowds in pursuit of the astonishingly agile porter.
  • I looked up at the houses in the distance, then back again to the skull; the empty sockets shone more brightly than before.
  • Not a cloud was to be seen in the sky, and the sun shone brightly on the white heads which were beginning to show on the water.
  • Tables were spread and decked with glass and flowers, the rooms were brightly lit, and the wine was good.
  • The morning sun shone brightly over me through three panes of glass in the window, the fourth of which was stopped up with an old petticoat.
  • Moods when he contemplated his behavior lightly and brightly or darkly, in unrelieved disgust, moods when he refused to contemplate it at all.
  • A flickering tongue of flame flared brightly for a moment and illumined the features, bringing out their expression with startling distinctness.
  • The muskets of the sentries gleamed brightly on Alcatraz, and the rolling of drums swelled on the breeze.
  • The man touched his cap and drove off, and the doctor found himself in a vaulted passage, to the right of which was a brightly lit room.
  • Swartzman was, and is, a magnificent talker ... a torch of inspiration burned brightly in his brain, with continual conversational fire.
  • The entire frankness between friends is brightly illustrated by the history of the award of the Royal Medal in 1854.
  • I knew that I was lying in bed and the fire burning brightly in the grate, while persons were passing to and fro; but they did not look familiar.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brightly | Brightly Sentence

  • The world opened out to me brightly and invitingly.
  • In such adornment shall he brightly shine?
  • A large lamp was burning brightly there.
  • An electric lamp was burning brightly on the ceiling.
  • She stands out boldly from the brightly lighted wall.
  • A pile of logs burned brightly in the fire-place.
  • On the first spring day the sun shines brightly at noon.
  • The harried, boyish face broke brightly into a smile.
  • It was a tunnel, metal-walled, brightly lit.
  • The tall man's eyes twinkled more brightly than ever.
  • To that cheek softly flushing, thy lip brightly blushing, Oh!
  • Yes, I think so--shines brightly before it sets!

Definition of Brightly

In a bright manner.
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