Brilliants In A Sentence

Definition of Brilliants

plural of brilliant

How To Use Brilliants In A Sentence?

  • Slowly he related his story while his mother bent over her needle, spangling with brilliants a gauze of azure hue.
  • The hands and the figures of the hours had originally been formed of brilliants; but the brilliants had long since vanished.
  • There will be necklaces of ill-spent moments, like the faded brilliants exhumed from old Pompeii, with lots of broken hopes and thwarted destinies.
  • Here and there and everywhere, lakes, lagoons and wandering streams sparkled and danced in the sun glare like uncut brilliants on a bed of green velvet.
  • A heavy frost had fallen during the night, touching the trees with splendor and transforming the brown earth to a jewelled sweep of gems that flashed like brilliants in the golden light.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brilliants | Brilliants Sentence

  • It is a moonstone sapphire, set in two brilliants of different shape.

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