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  • And to the very brim the goblet crown!
  • It was stuffed to the brim with ragged money.
  • It had a brim of straw and a crown of mauve silk.
  • The river rose to its brim and burst its banks.
  • Lance crossed his legs and threw back the brim of his hat.
  • He threw back the brim of his Stetson as he spoke.
  • But an event was destined to occur which should cause it to brim over.
  • Pep burst in upon his friends filled to the brim with excitement.
  • He looked hard at me from under the broken brim of a battered billycock.
  • I sought the place where her lips had touched the brim and drank.
  • Grylls incessantly turned his hat brim in his fat freckled hands.
  • A broad black hat with flapping, dripping brim was down over his forehead.
  • The stream flowed more gayly, the flowers on its brim were richer in color.

How To Use Brim In A Sentence?

  • Nino disdained to answer me, but he looked savagely from under the brim of his hat.
  • The fast-emptying valley would later brim with an unaccustomed and terrific life.
  • An earthern pot is half filled with the grain and is then filled to the brim with cold water.
  • Piegan was already mounted, watching us whimsically from under the dripping brim of his hat.
  • And the youth handed the simpleton a silver cup full to the brim of clear shining water.
  • A small man, his face shaded by the broad brim of a hat, emerged from the woods and joined them.
  • Now Helen was full to the brim of a flippant, girlish humor that appealed to him monstrously.
  • Which was all on one side; Its crown was too high, And its brim was too wide.
  • His thoughts were full to the brim with things that held them concentrated to the exclusion of all else.
  • It came from under the limp brim of a hat that dropped to the speaker's shoulders.
  • At length the red road opened before them on to a burnt plain which was the edge and brim of the farm.
  • I filled my life to the very brim with pleasure, as one might fill a cup to the very brim with wine.
  • They were both full to the brim of a delicate laughter, of over-brimming wonder, of tranquil desire.
  • He sat there gazing under the brim of his helmet at the sunrise, and felt a wave of strange feeling passing through his mind.
  • Nelly wore on her head a man's hat, with a brim so broad you could hardly see her face at all.
  • His low-crowned hat was three-cornered, trimmed with lace and the brim held in place by three blazing diamonds.
  • His hat, with scarce any brim to it, was stuck aslant on the top of a bushy head of queer-colored hair.
  • The boy, a slim lad of sixteen or thereabout, flushed beneath the battered brim of his black felt hat.
  • How sweet from the green mossy brim to receive it, As poised on the curb it inclined to my lips!
  • She wore a hat of brown felt, the crown rising from back to front, the narrow brim closely turned up all round.
  • Upon a beautifully done mahogany table near the door stood a silver pitcher filled to the brim with clear, cold ice-water.
  • His eyes twinkled gaily under the brim of his black felt hat; his long overcoat was open, showing a gold chain across his waistcoat.
  • The chest was full to the brim of old-time gowns, glints of faded satin and yellowed lace, buckled slippers and old brocade.
  • The pert Fedora with its curly brim was comically ill-suited to his seamed old face, and mild blue eye.
  • A bullet would flash through the sleeve of a tunic, rip off the brim of a cap, bang against a water-bottle, bury itself in the mass of a knapsack.
  • He was one of those tall spare men, black-haired and black-eyed, capable of bearing great fatigue, full to the brim of vitality.
  • I knew that in five minutes this little creek would be brim full, so I raised a yell and awoke everybody in camp.

Definition of Brim

(obsolete) Fierce; sharp; cold. | Of pigs: to be in heat, to rut. | An edge or border (originally specifically of the sea or a body of water).
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