Bring A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bring A | Bring A Sentence

  • You will bring a boat.
  • Bring a brave thirst with you.
  • I will bring a carriage.
  • I had to bring a sergeant with me on each occasion.
  • Why does not the cook bring a basket?
  • To run was to bring a shot.
  • Years bring a calming wisdom.
  • They bring a world of baggage!
  • It was the servant asking if he should bring a light.
  • I have some one who will always bring a letter.
  • But the thought will not bring a grey hair.
  • Bring a detective, eh?
  • Why did he rather bring a beggar home?
  • Luke had to bring a plate to her and coax her to eat.
  • Confession never fails to bring a blessing.
  • I only hope they will bring a good price.
  • Each car might bring a survivor!
  • Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean?
  • She was about to bring a fifth child into the world.
  • I bring a tolerably decent manhood.
  • Nor did evening bring a repetition of that strange glow.
  • It took three bangs to bring a servant.
  • I bring a noble offering to thy virtue!
  • Bring a large bowl, empty.
  • I do not yet see the man who can bring a war about.
  • Bring a great sense of peace and quiet into their souls.
  • So you tell him he is to bring a copy next time.
  • Why did my mother bring a man-child into the world?
  • She works ages to bring a flower to perfection.
  • Did you ever bring a case of this kind before me till now?
  • However, let them bring a rug if you please.
  • I do not mind what it is, and bring a cup of milk.
  • Why dost thou bring a mind so full of gloom?
  • No; let him bring a thousand writs against me.
  • Why should the English bring a wreath to me?

How To Use Bring A In A Sentence?

  • Why should Maseden bring a rope?
  • Bring a chair, and let us sit near the window.
  • To attempt to raise a hand would bring a shot, or a dozen.
  • The nurse beckoned to an orderly to bring a screen....
  • Should I bring a birth certificate?
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