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  • Get it ready and bring it out here.
  • I do not bring it against him as an accusation.
  • I had to bring a sergeant with me on each occasion.
  • I do not yet see the man who can bring a war about.
  • I bade her bring it, and put it on her myself.
  • Could you bring back to the people at home anything useful?
  • They bring the fish back for the city people to eat.
  • He would bring down innocent blood upon your head.
  • The next day was to bring us into Kangma.
  • You are always talking to him about it; you bring the conversation up.
  • I'll make those fellows pack up and bring the horses here.
  • Moreover, this birthday was really to bring with it solid advantages.
  • It was a place that always seemed to sober me, and bring me to reflection.
  • We all know that clouds bring the rain; but how do the clouds get the water?
  • He commands one thing, and yet works to bring another to pass!
  • Tobacco, without a parcels post to bring it to us, became very scarce.
  • Also I think I shall send a detail to bring in those bodies.
  • I hear, Archyllis; I hear what you say: You beg me to bring Lesbia.

How To Use Bring In A Sentence?

  • It will just about spoil my whole forenoon to be obliged to stop and bring it down.
  • We must bring a more searching analysis to the subject, if we hope to accomplish anything.
  • This deputation would first and foremost bring with it a white muslin rag as an emblem of peace.
  • He dressed, thinking the whole time how he could round off his idea and bring it into the act.
  • To bring out her special powers something strange, wild, or tragic was required.
  • Many were the conflicts I underwent before I could bring myself to strike the blow.
  • The inlet allowed a facility to bring the money in a boat secretly and at night to the very foot of the hill.
  • Hubert joined in these discussions willingly, but he could not bring himself to accept the army or the bar.
  • When people need things from a distance they cannot always go all the way to the place and bring back the products or articles.
  • What she was hoping for was that the answer would unriddle the riddle, and bring rest and peace to her perplexed little mind.
  • She made me bring out my tongue a dozen times a day, and she continually sighed, as if reproaching herself with something.
  • MacRae wasn't the man to go into detail like that unless he had something important to bring out.
  • Mr. Davy was requested to bring a vocal quartet from his class, as none of the guests can sing in parts.
  • Mamma has told us all, perticularly Jean, to bring her all the little dead insects that she finds.
  • Thus, we are told, that God so arranges and disposes the events of his providence as to bring sin to pass, and that he does so designedly.
  • No amount of fuss would bring the poor woman to life again, and the actual murderer had been done justice to by a chance shot from Davidson.
  • He took his temples touched with grey between his hands, leaning over the table to bring his face, his dark, keen eyes, closer to mine.
  • Santonio was now talking Dutch to me, and yet I could not bring myself to detain him by further questioning, for he had strolled to the staircase.
  • He walked as lightly as possible, dreading that every creak would bring Mrs. Wilson from her parlour.
  • But to proceed: let us see how he has proved that volition does not produce itself; that it does not arise out of nothing and bring itself into existence.
  • He is not announcing a policy; he is not forecasting what a party of planners will bring about; he is merely telling what the people will require and compel.
  • It was no more mine own than I had expected; an awkward bulky frame it had, and I did not feel to love it nor to bring it to my heart.

Definition of Bring

(transitive) To transport toward somebody/somewhere. | (transitive, figuratively) To supply or contribute. | (transitive) To occasion or bring about.
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