Bringing in a sentence

Definition of Bringing

present participle of bring | The act by which something is brought.

Short Example Sentence for Bringing

  • 1. Haven't you made one in bringing me this?
  • 2. No one ashore would dream of his bringing any visitors with him.
  • 3. We shall be bringing our grain in dry, as the hay was before it.
  • 4. Maxwell wrote to Winifred that he was coming home and bringing guests.
  • 5. Presently the Otter returned home, bringing a string of fish with him.
  • 6. Therefore in bringing out your play, Nor scenes nor mechanism spare!
  • 7. And there's Deborah, as he'll be bringing to share his home with him.
  • 8. He had come home pretty sober to tea, bringing my sister's lover with him.

How to use Bringing in a Sentence?

  • 1. Two general methods present themselves for bringing about the automatic restoration of the drop.
  • 2. Down into the gully came the colonials, their wagons and a small guard bringing up the rear.
  • 3. Spalding inquired again, bringing his rifle to a present, and looking up at the game.
  • 4. Through the open window a breeze entered, bringing the thin restless wail of the baby.
  • 5. Towards evening they succeeded in bringing the besotted Prince to sign the sentence.
  • 6. But their aggressive policy was at the same time fast bringing on another European war.
  • 7. As for my servant bringing home Carl in the evening, the arrangement is already made.
  • 8. In bringing them back, Lawrence noticed one of the prisoners stealthily throw away some papers.
  • 9. It was Constance on her way up from breakfast, bringing some flowers from Tancredi and the mail.
  • 10. Painters and paperers and the bringing up of furniture were rare incidents in the life of a tenant and had to be endured.
  • 11. You can see for yourselves what a fine stroke it would be, bringing the captain to his own runaways!
  • 12. Neither parents nor relations could divert her from punishing herself in this manner and from bringing on death by starvation.
  • 13. The girl warned him by saying that by his course he was bringing not only danger on himself, but on her father as well.
  • 14. She took away a little silk shawl the child had inherited and was bringing over as a chief bit of finery.
  • 15. He is bringing it back for the inspection of one of the commissioners for the east coast defense, who is to meet him at his house.
  • 16. They were incessantly bringing some disgrace upon the theatre by their tavern frolics, and their pranks about the country town.
  • 17. He also has removed his receiver from its hook, thus bringing his talking apparatus into the line circuit.
  • 18. Mamma had long known how to disciplin children, for in fact the bringing up of children had been one of her specialties for many years.
  • 19. For the little columns came pouring in day after day, bringing all sorts of folk who were pining for their letters.
  • 20. He scattered a train of grain from the field in which the partridge roosted, each morning bringing it nearer and nearer to the stack-yard.
  • 21. Nothing had altered within her, and yet a wonderful pity was glowing in her heart, tearing at her emotions, bringing a sob into her throat.
  • 22. We sometimes see great follies, and even gross untruths, perpetrated with the view of bringing about the so-called decoration of a room.
  • 23. There is, however, a special volunteer corps of about 36 private aviators, bringing the available total to 108 or thereabouts.
  • 24. The peace which Wilson was bringing to the world was expected to be God's peace.
  • 25. He was a bright, taking little chap, as you know, and the Fathers took very special pains in his bringing up.
  • 26. A little group of fishermen in oilskins leaned over the railing and discussed the chances of Ben Oates bringing his boat in safely.
  • 27. With that, greatly wondering, the giant led Jack to breakfast, bringing him a bowl containing four gallons of hasty pudding.
  • 28. The matter of bringing out the terminal ends of the winding is one that has received a great deal of attention in the construction of electromagnets and coils for various purposes.
  • 29. After a little time he went back, threw vinegar on his face, and then, bringing him out, ordered one of the Mamlooks to shake him.
  • 30. It was set into motion by great hands and the power of will, churning the infinite matter and energy and bringing into being the stunning light of a living state.
  • 31. On the other hand, the reduction in the rates of charge for the conveyance of post parcels has had the effect of bringing about a decrease in the number of parcels weighing under 2 lb.
  • 32. In these days of zoological gardens, they have succeeded in bringing one of the smallest of the order, a porpoise, to the Zoological Gardens.