Brings In A Sentence

Definition of Brings

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bring

How To Use Brings In A Sentence?

  • The opinion that nature brings them into being from some spontaneous and unintelligent cause.
  • It brings back the memories of a great deal of pleasure and a great deal of pain.
  • The tide brings with it the smell of the sea and, in winter, the great white flights of gulls.
  • These crowns are symbols of praise, and with them he brings before the Deity the prayers of men.
  • Thou too, thy love alone is now the cause That brings me to my native land again.
  • If in five minutes the shot brings up the keeper it matters little, as then you are far over the land.
  • He is watched in his descent to the fruit-trees, and a discharge of small shot readily brings him to the ground.
  • The last mentioned example of damage from internal hazards brings us to the law of the electrical generation of heat.
  • This establishes the connection of all the bells to line and really brings about temporarily a condition equivalent to that of Fig.
  • Andy always brings back the parchment on which the Tartar marks down the amount received and the amount still due.
  • The flesh of spawning fish is loose and watery, insipid and tasteless, and rarely brings more than a few pence per pound.
  • And this brings me to the third aspect of this matter, and the last phase of it which I desire to consider.
  • Indeed, everything around us, and everything within us, brings home the conviction of the littleness of man.
  • So, a little afore nine, he slips in when it were very dark, and brings a lot of old letters with him ready cut out, and some paste.
  • You and I enjoy it longer, because it brings back old memories and relieves us from the toils of business and the restraints of conventional life.
  • He who brings into existence something that did not exist before is said to be a producer, and that which is brought into existence is said to be produced.
  • But joy to-day brings grief to-morrow; Their feasting o'er, now enter sorrow!
  • True; this brings the matter to a contradiction, as he has repeatedly told us; for choosing, and preferring, or willing, are all one.
  • I felt as I think a new-hatched moth must feel when suddenly its urgent headlong searching brings it in tremulous amazement upon its mate.
  • This assurance brings us no relief; we still demand, if God be just, as in truth he is, how can he deal with us after such a manner?
  • O ye powers of heav'n, How often fortune blindly brings about More than we dare to hope for!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brings | Brings Sentence

  • What brings you here?
  • But this brings me to the object of my visit.
  • He brings the child a nurse.
  • Wealth run mad now brings down their destruction.
  • Mention of the dogs brings me to my fastest friends.
  • Special certificate brings 2,000 crowns extra grant.
  • What force the Captain brings with him against you!
  • What wonderful luck brings you to Washington?
  • In short, he marries, and brings home his wife.
  • This brings up the whole question of the rightfulness of war.
  • The tide of history brings other shapes and other leaders to the surface.
  • Since she brings home with her another's child.
  • It brings us back to the old distinction between necessity and co-action.
  • A little maidservant brings in cakes and candies shaped like flowers.
  • He fires, brings the keepers from their hiding places, and is caught.
  • But in my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse.
  • She has a letter from her lord, and he brings you that little Rite next week.
  • The least of all brings him in a hundred thousand Crowns a Year.
  • You're very like him; the sight of your face brings back old times to me.
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