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  • Peter sighed over the lovely and brittle world.
  • The wind plays havoc with their brittle branches.
  • It is not durable in soil and becomes brittle with age.
  • Old briar-veins dragged at brittle stalks.
  • What nerves she had: rattling like brittle sticks!
  • And forgive my poor brittle body, which shakes and breaks.

How To Use Brittle In A Sentence?

  • Boil all together until it becomes brittle when a small quantity is dropped in water.
  • They began to climb the escarpment which was almost a straight vertical rise of brittle rock.
  • It is often brittle and breaks easily, or it will not divide evenly in breaking.
  • All the ground was strewn with dead wood, and near by was a growth of low and brittle bushes.
  • They looked brittle and hollow, as though made of papier mache and set down in the landscape.
  • The melted gum hardened quickly, but it became so brittle that a touch would loosen it.
  • There it is on the table, in a glass flask, brittle as virtue, light as sin, and fragile as folly.
  • But then I never was very sturdy on my legs ... which were then like brittle pipestems....
  • A little too inclined to a high and brittle sort of dissonance over which she seemed to have no control.
  • The old wood was so brittle that it would have been very easy for me to open the coffin with any sort of a tool.
  • This is harder than celluloid and non-inflammable, but has the disadvantages of being more brittle and of absorbing moisture.
  • The resulting cellulose acetates are less inflammable than the nitrates, but they are more brittle and more expensive.
  • Anything that is brittle is not suitable as an enrichment of wood-work, unless it can be so placed as to be out of danger.
  • The coarse and rather brittle fiber of this plant was exalted by enthusiasts into something nearly equal to silk.
  • Presently she withdrew from it a thin and brittle object, examined it, and gravely placed it in her mouth.
  • It is one of the poorest of trees for street planting, because it has a sprawling habit and weak brittle wood.
  • With a peculiar uplifting of the brows which spoke a brittle humor, she looked at the floor as if selecting a place for the performance.
  • The mask softened a little; a brittle thing quivering, but because it was so greatly needed it would not break.
  • When melted and poured into water it forms thin brittle flakes, and in this condition is called granulated or mossy zinc.
  • Cuttings from trees with pale or brown foliage, or with foliage tending to be brittle from lack of water soon lost their leaves.
  • They lose their elasticity and become brittle or mealy, but large grains appear to be more subject to this fault than do the small ones.
  • In old age, the hardest material preponderates; making the bones more brittle than in earlier life.
  • Door of caring, the gentle trail left as a universe to announce the brittle thrust and restive eves of daytime shadow.
  • A tree with a natural cavity is never selected, but one which has been dead just long enough to have become soft and brittle throughout.
  • As soon as we got home she flew to the little box upstairs where she kept her treasures, and brought therefrom the dry and brittle wishbone.
  • The Scythe is an emblem of time, which cuts the brittle thread of life and launches us into eternity.
  • Quite instinctively, axe in hand, each of the weary three made for the dead wood and began to cut and break down the brittle boughs.
  • Bismuth is a heavy, crystalline, brittle metal nearly the color of silver, but with a slightly rosy tint which distinguishes it from other metals.
  • It was while he was thus engaged, in an unexplored part of the thicket, that he came upon a fallen tree, fairly brittle with resin.
  • Perhaps I realized the need for quiet resolution rather than temper, which is ever too brittle a weapon to work well.
  • The memory of a man named Dunbar came over him, and he wondered if he had died in the morning, when his bones were brittle and cold.
  • The broad rounded head, often borne on three or more spreading stems, is formed of drooping graceful branches, ending in brittle twigs.
  • Zinc has been found to be too brittle for the strain to which it is subjected, in such cases, by the expansion and contraction induced by changes of temperature.
  • Divide dough into sheets, roll on bake-board, spread on cloth a short time and let dry, but not until too brittle to roll into long, narrow rolls.

Definition of Brittle

Inflexible, liable to break or snap easily under stress or pressure. | Not physically tough or tenacious; apt to break or crumble when bending. | (archaeology) Said of rocks and minerals with a conchoidal fracture; capable of being knapped or flaked.
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