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  • It was copied and broadcast everywhere.
  • His description has been broadcast over the radio.
  • And he looked broadcast over the country-side.
  • I will scatter its pages broadcast over the country.
  • What splendors are scattered broadcast over the sky!
  • I have sent broadcast plans for such arks.
  • The feathery snow was scattered broadcast at each stroke.
  • These are sown broadcast amongst human hearts.
  • It was proved that he had sown broadcast germs of the disease.
  • The addition of a modem turned the computer into a broadcast facility.
  • From that day the good seed was sown broadcast over all the land.
  • Why send broadcast a story that would only arouse international hatred?
  • Dan took the stage, used the stageside mic to broadcast his voice.
  • And it's equally important to send out warnings broadcast immediately.
  • Then, in a broadcast from Radio Peking, Chou En-Lai made his reply.

How To Use Broadcast In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes the wind sweeping through the cavern scattered the leaves broadcast through the world.
  • Tomorrow he would effect a mass-linkage of minds and broadcast his orders for reconstruction.
  • The news of its failures is spread broadcast in bold head-lines by the sensational press.
  • Do you think I want to scatter broadcast the seeds of litigation in a regenerated world?
  • It was our old enemy England, that first sowed broadcast the seeds of dissension in our midst.
  • Farewell, Imperial honours, knocked broadcast by the beating hammers of ignorant workmen.
  • Onlookers sent broadcast to every quarter accounts of the millennial harmony which presided over all.
  • He found the penultimate point at which the impulses from the brain were translated into sound and broadcast through the speaker.
  • It was like dismembering a gigantic machine and scattering the infinitesimal parts of it broadcast over the earth to function alone.
  • We commenced at once to circulate your publications and sent them broadcast over the entire State.
  • The marvelous rapidity with which such affairs may be spread broadcast these days is the first wonder in a new epoch of wonders.
  • So far our only defense has been to shoot them down, but that does little good; it only helps to broadcast their seed.
  • Suckers are sent up about the roots of the fire-killed trees, and the wind scatters the seeds broadcast for a new crop.
  • It was a smart little breeze and it flippantly sent the ashes flying on the hearth and several sheets of paper broadcast in the room.
  • Is there a detail of its corrupt administration that the press of Europe has not spread broadcast over the world?
  • The seed is sown broadcast over it, and such of it as is not devoured by birds falls into the cracks, and produces an abundant crop.
  • There was some kind of broadcast rig mounted over the stage now, something to allow them to beam us all their app in one humongous burst.
  • At no time have lottery tickets been sown so broadcast as to-day, notwithstanding the law forbids the old-style lottery.
  • The primary broadcast units were hidden behind a painted scrim over the stage, and they were surprisingly well built for a first generation tech.
  • The destroyer dropped its depth charge, set to explode at seventy feet, its radio meantime sending signals broadcast for assistance.
  • In every class the ground is being turned by the ploughshare of Discontent; everywhere we can sow the seed broadcast with both hands.
  • MacRae stood staring for a second or two, then turned and scattered the fire broadcast on the sand with a movement of his foot.
  • These invitations, on cheap printed cards, are scattered broadcast over chairs and benches, on the floors, and even on the bar itself.
  • In spring these diurnal mass movements cease; the clan breaks up, the rookery is abandoned, and the birds scatter broadcast over the land.
  • True, they quoted West's actual words from the television broadcast (also copyrighted).

Definition of Broadcast

Cast or scattered widely in all directions; cast abroad. | Communicated, signalled, or transmitted through radio waves or electronic means. | Relating to transmissions of messages or signals through radio waves or electronic means.
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