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  • We want to broaden your outlook and widen your views.
  • It is only a wedge with which to broaden the way for a further advance.
  • It was out of the question to deepen or broaden the ditch just then.
  • No one works harder than I do to broaden my culture and interpretative skill.
  • As you say, there's nothing like travel to broaden the mind.

How To Use Broaden In A Sentence?

  • She will use it to improve the education of her sex, to broaden its opportunities.
  • Would that it could broaden and increase to a general deluge, and submerge the world!
  • I travelled far to broaden my mind; I came back prepared to reign wisely over my subjects.
  • They did not amass wealth through family effort, nor did they broaden their learning through the classics.
  • They prepare the way for an appreciation of an orchestral performance of these masterpieces, and broaden the musical horizon.
  • The biological sciences broaden out through psychology and sociology to the theory and practice of law, and to political life.
  • Even when mysteries remain, they do not of necessity remain without some hint of a dawn which may broaden into day.
  • To associate for a time with the aristocratic world would give the young man an insight into society and broaden his horizon.
  • I hope your acquaintance will broaden her views, which are rather extreme, and something of a nuisance in the family.
  • Later the leaves broaden and reach six to eight inches in length, tapering narrowly to the short petioles.
  • What we dread about our neighbours, in short, is not the narrowness of their horizon, but their superb tendency to broaden it.
  • Eighth, the Chinese have lived in a peculiar historical environment, consideration of which may broaden our outlook.
  • No sooner does a Homeburg man begin to broaden out and get successful and to hoist the town upward as he climbs himself, than we begin to grieve.
  • He had held that such relations between men and women were inherently dishonest, doomed to end in a clash of desire or to broaden into an honorable love affair.
  • I hope the minister of the place encourages the reading of the books, and does everything in his power to broaden the religious views of the people by healthy secular literature.
  • He unhesitatingly defined it as emotional speech, the language of the feelings, whose function was to increase the sympathies and broaden the horizon of mankind.
  • Far from aiming at the subversion of the existing foundations of society, it seeks to broaden its basis, to remould its institutions in a manner consonant with the needs of an ever-changing world.
  • He had a great deal of knowledge, and he was ever on the alert both to increase and broaden his stock, and, what was still better, to impart of it to everybody else.

Definition of Broaden

(transitive) To make broad or broader. | (intransitive) To become broad or broader.
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