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  • He was smiling broadly at her.
  • The sun smiled broadly down upon my back.
  • Eruca: broadly a larva: more specifically a caterpillar.
  • But Grim only smiled more broadly than ever.
  • Mr. Gibney grinned broadly but did not answer.
  • This, broadly speaking, is the keynote of Hebrew prophecy.
  • Of this class of rites it may broadly be said they are the myth dramatized.
  • So, broadly speaking, there was one single commercial setting.
  • But we know that human nature, broadly speaking, is much the same in all.
  • She was smiling still more broadly as she led Roger to the steps.
  • The tramp grinned broadly as Dave turned an eager and excited face upon him.
  • A fat globose nut, broadly oval to orbicular in cross section (Fig.
  • Then they smiled broadly into each other's faces, forgetting the onlookers.

How To Use Broadly In A Sentence?

  • To him there are, broadly speaking, only two experiences, those of fine weather and of storm.
  • She held up her right palm, broadly abraded round the base, where her hand had struck the road.
  • It is bell-shaped, becoming broadly open like a trumpet, and of a slate or ash color.
  • Allan Dy smiled more broadly as the president promptly nodded for Kate to proceed.
  • Iden, to our mind, is almost as masterly a conception, as broadly human a figure as Uncle Toby.
  • Another point which lies broadly and prominently upon the surface in these letters is a very unpleasant one.
  • He is content to find that things are not what they seem, and broadly generalises from it that they do not exist at all.
  • It is hardly associated with personality, yet it is broadly separated from the human and the known.
  • All stood in line and grinned broadly while a girl with a tape measure took account of each one in turn.
  • One person starts the game by smiling broadly and then pretending to wipe off the smile and throw it to somebody else.
  • The cheers were given with a hearty good will and the orator sat down smiling broadly and moistening his dry lips with his tongue.
  • It can be divided broadly under two heads, reduction of risk due to operative methods and general protection.
  • In this school the point of view, however, should be broadly pedagogical rather than immediately vocational.
  • The nasals are broad, sutured for their entire width with the ethmoid, and broadly in contact medially.
  • Now, it may be broadly stated, that architecture will be noble exactly in the degree in which all these false expedients are avoided.
  • Painted broadly upon the face of the rock, in great white letters, was the advertisement of a patent medicine.
  • The door opened, framing the figure of a maid sketched broadly in masses of somber black and dead white.
  • Their type of Christianity has been broadly inclusive of what may be called universally accepted doctrine.
  • The simple elements composing these are perhaps 350 in number, and may be divided broadly into main elements and affixes or particles.
  • The papers gave exaggerated descriptions of her beauty and broadly hinted that her fate had been as tragic as that of Desdemona.
  • The whole is very ably and broadly painted with that just and free touch and those spirited accents which characterize the technique of Teniers.
  • But, broadly speaking, the drama counts for comparatively little, and the opera consists of a series of enchanting songs and scenes.
  • At first, his figures, from twelve to eighteen inches high, are broadly painted in brownish and somewhat heavy tones.
  • In science men try hypotheses, think the best they can, plan broadly as possible, and then see if facts sustain the theory.
  • Such women do adhere to domestic service, but, broadly speaking, you behold in the servant group merely the siftings of the real industrial class.
  • The comet was so long that it seemed to stretch across two-thirds of the firmament, and the end of it bulged out broadly like a Turkish scimitar.
  • Do you know," looking broadly at Roger, "there are some people one hates without exactly knowing why?

Definition of Broadly

Widely and openly. | In a wide manner; liberally; in a loose sense.
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