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  • Interior of a cold brooder house.
  • We must also get at the brooder house.
  • Long brooder house and yards with feeding track.
  • Another type of No. 1 brooder house.
  • Other Types of Brooder Houses.
  • Watering arrangement in the brooder pens for young ducklings.
  • Removing the Newly Hatched Ducklings to the Brooder House.
  • In general there are required three different brooder houses.
  • The particular brooder house described is 14 feet wide and has a shed roof.
  • No. 3 is a cold brooder house or one without artificial heat.
  • Ordinarily after May 1 no heat is needed in the number 2 brooder house.
  • Watering Arrangement in Brooder Pens 83 25.
  • Long Brooder House and Yards 89 29.
  • Interior of Cold Brooder House 92 32.
  • Interior of No. 1 Brooder House 82 24.
  • Another Type of No. 1 Brooder House 86 26.

How To Use Brooder In A Sentence?

  • On receipt they should be placed immediately in a brooder already prepared for them.
  • For this purpose any brooder utilized for chicks or ducks can be used for goslings.
  • Drinking water is provided to the ducklings while in the brooder houses by means of a piped supply.
  • For this reason only one type of each class of brooder house needed is described in detail.
  • Olimpia Castaneve, the muffled brooder in the poop, was cold, cross, and still.
  • The judgment of the brooder man must decide how often this is necessary but it will be at least once a week.
  • Plenty of ventilation is required in the brooder house in order to take out the ammonia odor which arises from the droppings.
  • This means there would have to be on this plant a heated brooder house capacity for 15,000 ducklings.
  • In all three of the brooder houses the young ducks are supplied with their drinking water from pipes through the houses.
  • If a rat gets into the brooder house it is therefore of the utmost importance that it be hunted down and killed without delay.
  • There should be brooder capacity in this house sufficient to care for approximately 1/4 of the total output for the year at one time.
  • The box with handles on top of the hover is used in carrying the newly hatched ducklings from the incubator cellar to the brooder house.
  • Heat for the brooder houses is supplied by means of hot water pipes and a coal burning stove such as are used in brooder houses for chickens.
  • The incubator cellar should be convenient to the No. 1 brooder house and the various brooder houses to one another.
  • Interior of No. 1 brooder house showing walk and hover combined in the middle of the house and pens on each side.
  • The first feed and water is given as soon as the ducks are placed in the No. 1 brooder house or when 24 to 36 hours old.
  • If the ducks are not ready to be taken out of the machines by noon or soon after, it is best to leave them until the next morning before removing them to the brooder house.
  • A brooder house capacity, where artificial heat can be supplied, sufficient to take care of about half of the total output of the plant at one time is necessary.
  • The weather will have a considerable influence upon the frequency of cleaning which may be necessary once in two weeks, or in the yards of brooder houses Nos.

Definition of Brooder

A person who broods | A heated box used for chicks or premature babies

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