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  • You are thinking of a broomstick marriage.
  • That broomstick ride gave her an opportunity.
  • Harold the Broomstick was desultorily sweeping the stairs.
  • The Broomstick Marriage.
  • But Harold the Broomstick came back.
  • A broomstick showed itself aggressively in one fat shiny hand.
  • A thin broomstick will serve as the pivot bar for the upper end.
  • She mounted her broomstick and rode about, shouting a weird song.
  • The piece of broomstick or shovel-handle is cut 22 inches in length.
  • The Wicked Witch's broomstick flew past the Scarecrow's left ear.

How To Use Broomstick In A Sentence?

  • The sixth member had been ordered to organise the return of the broomstick to its owner.
  • Whoever dares to step across my threshold shall be driven out with a broomstick like a cur.
  • But you have no idea what arduous work it is, breaking in a wild broomstick to the saddle.
  • The witch on Harold her Broomstick landed on the spot vacated by the policeman.
  • No broomstick that ever was handled would have been too heavy or too rough for the shoulders of this dirty-souled man.
  • Then was the air filled with bad language and a broomstick and a goat for a moment, and the woman was left shouting her wrongs.
  • They had been made by swinging a barrel hoop from a broomstick handle, by means of a number of ribbon-like strips of cloth.
  • The notorious besom or broomstick is an instrument in the operations of witchcraft common to all the Aryan nations.
  • But she turned quickly and pointed the broomstick directly at Dorothy and zoomed towards her like a rocket.
  • They had much better jump over a broomstick like Gypsies and not desecrate our prayer book in such a manner.
  • His broomstick legs seemed twice the proper length, and so thin you would hardly have believed they could ever carry him.
  • Lora jumped to the floor as Nielje struck with her broomstick at Arpad's retreating back.
  • Harold the Broomstick was crippled, he stumbled as he flew, sometimes he dropped a score of feet, and span.
  • The broomstick flew with the swiftness of an eagle, and the witch warned Antone to hold Babette with a firm grasp.
  • He dreamed that he had lost his Little Sweep, and that he married in her stead her broomstick dressed up in the little gray wedding frock.
  • Perched atop of every broomstick he could see a tiny creature similar in looks and dress to the Red Cap perched upon the poker.
  • The broomstick was about three feet from Dorothy's face when she turned it up slightly, barely missing Dorothy's head.
  • This is done by tying a threshed-out corn-sheaf into the rough semblance of a head and body, while the arms are simulated by a broomstick stuck horizontally.
  • They all looked up to see the Wicked Witch of the Deep South on a huge broomstick sweeping down on them.

Definition of Broomstick

the handle of a broom (sweeping tool). | a broom imbued with magic, enabling one to fly astride the handle.
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