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  • Brother of the above.
  • Brother of the other one.
  • I once met a brother of hers.
  • To be brother of that religion.
  • What did that terrible brother of yours say?
  • Brother of the above, with whom he worked.
  • Kalimera is a younger brother of my father.
  • He is the brother of the man at home.
  • O life, the brother of me!
  • With him was his wife and the brother of the murdered man.
  • Behind her sat the younger brother of the prisoner.
  • Would you ever believe that was a brother of mine?
  • She had a little brother, of whom she was very fond.
  • Behind them limped a lame lay-brother of their monastery.
  • You take that kid brother of his, too.
  • This dear brother of hers was not wont to care very much.
  • Brother of the above, the greatest of all bow makers.
  • How like you this picture, brother of the thunder?
  • That brother of his is a nice chap, though.
  • Brother of Francesco.
  • Brother of the Cheyennes.
  • It was the brother of Patricksen.
  • He was a brother of the Hon.
  • I met a man, a twin-brother of the devil.
  • Half brother of Kanag.
  • It is the brother of the Chicago merchant.
  • His brother of the two Orders was himself again.
  • Edom was the elder brother of Israel.
  • Now go, brother of my soul, and make your preparations.
  • Brother of William, mentioned above.
  • How I miss that young brother of mine!
  • A Hydriot merchant and captain, brother of the former.
  • And that big brother of mine said I could not get in.
  • Brother of Carlo Antonio.
  • Munroe, a younger brother of my old friend Edmund.

How To Use Brother Of In A Sentence?

  • Don't tell your brother of what I'm trying to do.
  • Second brother of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • A brother of King Vikramaditya.
  • The brother of Ali and Fuad!
  • Would you rather have the brother of Miss Heinecke here?
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